Sesame Street - Compliments

Gap-fill exercise

Read the following text on a TV show on compliments. Fill the gaps with the correct pronouns or verbs in reported speech.

Sesmae Street - Compliments

In the show Heidi and Elmo are talking about compliments. Heidi says that are here to talk about compliments. Elmo says that Heidi said that very well and Heidi replies that a compliment, because a compliment when say something nice about somebody or something. Then the two start complimenting each other. Elmo says that Heidi a very nice voice and Heidi tells Elmo that a beautiful red fur. Elmo tells Heidi that very pretty and Heidi replies that Elmo a beautiful green hat. Then the boot shows up and says that hold tongue any longer. He does not want to hear any more compliments. But then Heidi compliments him and he is really happy that Heidi Klum awsome.