ePilot: Bring your mobiles, please!

Do you know which games your students play on their mobile phones? Make use of their expertise on games for mobiles to practise question words and asking questions.

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Unterrichtsthema: Asking questions, practising question words, writing articles for a class magazine about their favourite games.

Your learners have to bring a handheld device like a smartphone, an iPod or a similar mobile device and you – the teacher – will also need one.

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Examples for games on mobiles:

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Kyle Mawer & Graham Stanley: Digital Play. Computer games and language aims. Delta Publishing 2011.

Tipp zum Unterrichtseinsatz

Project/write the following sentences on the board in your class: Don’t show the question words at the beginning.

  • (What) is the name of the game?
  • (How) do you play it?
  • (What) do you have to do?
  • (How) many lives do you have?
  • (How much) did it cost?
  • (How long) have you had this game?
  • (Why) do you like it?

Take out your mobile device, show them your favourite game and encourage them to ask questions like the ones on the board. Answer their questions.
Then they have to team up with their neighbours and ask and answer questions about their favourite games. When a pair has finished, they change partners. Repeat this a few times.
As a homework they have to write an „article“ about their favourite games for a „games magazine“ of the class. You can upload all the (corrected) articles to your learning platform. Perhaps you do a sample article in class before the homework.

“You will be surprised to learn what kind of games your pupils play.“

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