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Free downloadable audio stories for kids and adults.

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All stories are read by professional actors and come with the full text in print as well.
You can select from the categories „fairytales“ as well as classical Greek myths and legends (e.g.King Arthur), educational and original stories like Bertie the Frog, Katie the Witch and Astropup.
For any story you select you can activate the language of your choice (in your case probably German) for translation. When you double click a word in the text the translation pops up.
The students can download the stories on their iPods, read the texts online and write comments on the stories or discuss comments of other users.

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Idee zum Unterrichtseinsatz

For a start select a story your students know already like Little Red Riding Hood. Here it is told in the version of Charles Perrault which differs greatly from the Brothers Grimm.
So you can set the focus on the differences between the version they know and the one they hear.
Quite often the readers deviate slightly from the printed text. So one task could be to spot the differences between the written and the spoken text.
As a homework they could write a comment or select a comment and discuss it.
Some stories are told from a different/unusual narrative point of view. So another activity could include the change of the narrative perspective in a well-known story. Imagine the Little Red Riding Hood story told by the wolf.
Make your students find a different ending to Perrault‘s sad version.

„On the starting page there is a box with the title „Educational Activities“. Here you can find background articles about educational activities and lesson plans to go with the Storynory tales.“

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