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  • Markin

    Markin is a Windows program for marking students' papers on the screen. It can import a student's text for marking by pasting from the clipboard, or directly from an RTF or text file.
    You define buttons for positive and negative feedback.
    Markin provides all the tools - which can be personal ... Detailansicht

  • Music groups on the Web

    Suggestions and description of a project about music groups on the Internet. (material in German)

  • Neue Medien im Englischunterricht

    Hinweise zur effektiven und sinnvollen Nutzung der Neuen Medien im Englischunterricht sowie ihre didaktische Begründung.
    Siehe Downloadseite. Detailansicht

  • Portfolio - Arbeit

    Site in German. Detailansicht

  • Portfolio - European Language Portfolio

    Council of Europe Detailansicht

  • Private Teaching

    Tips on how to teach students one-to-one. Detailansicht

  • Project Based Learning

    What is PBL, Building Motivation, Using Multiple Intelligence, Project Based Learning Checklist. Detailansicht

  • Software Evaluation Guide


  • Teaching Ideas

    ... on motivation, evaluation, assessment, grouping students ... Detailansicht

  • Think-Pair-Share als Methode

    Anwendung der TPS-Methode bei der Erstellung von individualisiertem Übungsmaterial mit Schüler/inne/n am Beispiel von Hot Potatoes. Detailansicht

  • Translation Impossibilities

    Costas Gabrielatos explains problems and opportunities for TEFL by interesting cross-references to his native tongue Greek to show that neither strict L1 nor L2 approaches are the holy truth in language teaching. Detailansicht

  • Unterrichtseinheit Clothes

    Egal ob man über das "Early Bird" Material verfügt oder nicht - Dieser Artikel enthält interessante Anregungen für den Unterricht. Detailansicht

  • Vocabulary Profiler

    This program will tell you how many word types the text contains from the frequency levels listed on this site. Detailansicht

  • Website Guidelines

    Guidelines for Designing a Good Web Site for ESL Students by Charles Kelly at Aichi Institute of Technology (Toyota, Japan) Detailansicht