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  • "I spy" Games

    Here you find a menu of "I spy"-games to choose from.

    Find and click the objects listed in the riddle at the bottom of the screen. Click the speaker for sound. (Interactive Flash-game requires Macromedia Flash Player) Detailansicht

  • "Matching pairs" Toys

    Paare suchen mit Bildern, Autor nicht bekannt. pdf-Dokument. Detailansicht

  • "Wortkarten f├╝r den Englischunterricht"

    Arbeitsbl├Ątter und Unterrichtsmaterial
    f├╝r Lehrer und Sch├╝ler an Grund-, Haupt- oder Sonderschulen.

    Worksheets for simple grammar, reading activites etc. for download and printout. Detailansicht

  • Australian Slang

    Learn ÔÇťAustralianÔÇŁ with this comprehensive resource for slang terms from ÔÇťaceÔÇŁ to ÔÇťzackÔÇŁ. Detailansicht

  • Australian Slang ÔÇö Aussie Lingo

    The language is part of the fun when traveling around in Australia. The terms are sorted by criteria, e.g. people, animals, places or behaviour. Detailansicht

  • Being Imprecise

    ...differnt ways of expressing a vague idea! Detailansicht

  • British vs. American

    Wordlist of British & American words with their German meaning. Detailansicht


    Es ist sinnvoll, Kollokationen zu lernen, weil man sie erstens besser behalten kann als
    Einzelw├Ârter und zweitens man sicher sein kann, da├č man das richtige Verb mit dem
    richtigen Nomen bzw. das richtige Adjektiv mit dem dazu passenden Nomen gebraucht. Detailansicht

  • Collocations 1 - Words that go together

    Complete these eight sentences with the correct word. Interactive exercise.
    For example: you make the bed, you do your homework. Detailansicht

  • Common American Slang


  • Contrasting Ideas

    ...different ways of expressing contrasting ideas! Detailansicht

  • Dave's ESL Cafe

    Where Learning English is Fun! Detailansicht

  • Demanding Explanations

    ...differnt ways of demanding explanations! Detailansicht

  • Differences in Spelling BE - AE

    Mind further links on BE vs AE on this site. Detailansicht

  • English Slang & Colloquialisms


  • Facts and Reference

    A fantastic source for all teachers of English, whether you teach literature or bilingual classes in history or science...
    (links to articles, newspapers, news, teaching material etc.)

  • False Friends

    Unfortunately some English words which sound very familiar to German ones, don't have the same meaning. you can find some examples! Detailansicht

  • Giving Warnings

    Different way of giving warnings! Detailansicht

  • Guessing

    ...different ways of expressing an assumption! Detailansicht

  • Happy Birthday

    Arbeitsblatt: einfache Dialoge mit Einsetz├╝bungen von Karin Schorm. pdf-Dokument. Detailansicht

  • How are You

    Arbeitsblatt Karin Schorm. pdf-Dokument. Detailansicht

  • Java WordMeister Games

    WordMeister is a hangman-type word game. (Select a topic) Detailansicht

  • Look, See, or Watch?!

    Which word is appropriate?! -Look, see, or watch? (A little quiz) Detailansicht

  • Making Complaints

    ...different ways of making complaints! Detailansicht

  • Making Suggestions

    ...different ways of making suggestions! Detailansicht