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  • "At the Cinema"

    Web activity. Find information about an oncoming film, take notes, give a short presentation. Detailansicht

  • Adult Education ESL Teachers Guide

    Valuable information on the learner, the language, placement, etc. Detailansicht

  • A Four-Unit EFL Course for Adults/ Beginners

    Useful classroom English, Getting to know each other, Introduction quiz, Meeting someone, Write about yourself, What is your favorite...?, Pronunciation practice and quiz; Shopping, In a store, Write a shopping dialog, Shopping quiz, In a restaurant, Write a restaurant dialog, Menu quiz; Traveli ... Detailansicht

  • Animals — Stations

    Aimed at pupils of the elementary school. Offers suggestions for higher classes though. Detailansicht

  • Animals — Working with a search engine

    From p. 32 on there is a suggestion for a lesson about animals and working with a search engine. Detailansicht

  • Australian Wildlife

    This teaching project is primarily aimed at older elementary school pupils who already know a few animal names, can describe them in short sentences and have basic knowledge on how to use the internet. Pupils work in groups on various tasks. Detailansicht

  • Belfast Tour — Videos and Activities

    Several places of interrest are discribed in this video taped guided tour. You might also get an insight into the political system of Northern Ireland. Clips to watch and activities to follow are discribed here. Detailansicht

  • CNN Learning Resources

    Each module includes the full text of each story and interactive activities to test comprehension. The learner can choose to read the text, listen to the text, and view a short video clip of the story. Detailansicht

  • Down Under in Australia

    A virtual trip to Australia where you learn something about kangaroos, wombats, dingos and the Tasmanian Devil. Detailansicht

  • EdHelper

    "Lesson Plans - Worksheets - Teacher's Lesson Plans - WebQuests - Primary Teacher Resources - Math Lesson Plans - Writing Lesson Plans - Reading Lesson Plans - Science Lesson Plans - Technology Lesson Plans - Social Studies Lesson Plans - ...
    11443 Lesson Plans, 1296 WebQuests, 5000 Free Works ... Detailansicht

  • ESL TESOL Lesson Plans

    Lesson Plan Categories: Young Learner's Activities, Games and Lessons, Grammar Lessons, Listening Lessons, Pronunciation Lessons, Reading Lessons, Speaking Lessons, Vocabulary Lessons, Writing Lessons. Detailansicht

  • Fight Hate and promote Tolerance

    - Aims: Dismantling bigotry and creating communities that value diversity
    - Daily news about groups working for tolerance
    - guidebook for adults and youth acitivsts
    - practical resources for parents and teachers
    - entertaining and educational games for kids (!!) Detailansicht

  • Giant's Causeway — Unit of Work

    "Giant's Causeway" is one of the UK's natural wonders. This area of thousands of interlocking basalt columns is located along the northeast coast of Northern Ireland.

    The download links can be found at the end of the page. Detailansicht

  • Halloween — Ideas

    Ideas of Halloween on (Kind of Lesson Plans; descriptions are in German) Detailansicht

  • Harlem Renaissance: Sights & Sounds

    This WebQuest explores the music, art, and literature of the Harlem Renaissance. Detailansicht

  • Heroes Hall of Fame

    Web activities for students. Detailansicht

  • Ice-Breakers: Ideas on what to do on the first day of class

    An incredible variety of ideas. Detailansicht

  • Ireland — Internet Ralley

    An interned-based lesson plan created by Anita Gutenbrunner. Worksheet and solution have been added as well (downloadable as pdf and word document). Detailansicht

  • Lehrer Online — Wild Animals

    A lesson sequence (4 units) about “animals”, Computer skills are necessary. Detailansicht

  • Martin Luther King Jr. — Lesson Plan

    A lesson plan by Sean Banville with loads of exercises. Detailansicht

  • Newspapers in the English Classroom

    Lessonplans, etc. on newspapers in the EFL classroom Detailansicht

  • New York Times Lesson Plan Archive

    The archive contains hundreds of free lesson plans for grades 6-12. (keyword search to retrieve a lesson or browse the archive by subject: American History, Civics, Current Events, Economics, Fine Arts, Geography, Global History, Health, Journalism, Language Arts, Mathematics, Media Studies, Sci ... Detailansicht

  • Northern Ireland — The Conflict

    Teaching unit with worksheets. Detailansicht

  • Northern Ireland - Web Unit

    This web unit offers a few suggestions on how to teach the topic "Northern Ireland" in class. Detailansicht

  • PBS Teacher Source

    More than 3500 lesson plans and activities on Public Broadcasting Systems' teacher resource site. Detailansicht