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  • Click, read and memorize prepositions

    Interactive exercise with images. Detailansicht

  • Locators in space (1-8)

    There are 8 exercises all together when you click the "Next" button after each exercise. The following prepositions are to be used: OPPOSITE ¤¤ IN FRONT OF ¤¤ NEXT TO ¤¤ BETWEEN ¤¤ ON ¤¤ IN ¤¤ BEHIND ¤¤ ABOVE ¤¤ UNDER Detailansicht

  • Preposition: at, in, on, after, before, during, within, by, on

    Fill in the right preposition (at, in, on, after, before, during, within, by, on) Gap-fill exercise. Detailansicht

  • Preposition Quiz

    ...practicing prepositions (interactive); at an easy level; (site loading slowly). Detailansicht

  • Preposition Quiz 01

    Interactive exercise. (loading slowly) Detailansicht

  • Preposition Quiz 02

    ...some more interactive preposition exercises (loading slowly from a Japanese server) Detailansicht

  • Preposition Quiz 03

    Fill in the blanks! Interactive exercise. Detailansicht

  • Preposition Quiz 04

    Interactive exercise. Detailansicht

  • Prepositions

    Magnetblatt: Zuordnung Satz-Bild, Autor nicht bekannt. pdf-Dokument. Detailansicht

  • Prepositions

    Prepositions cannot be distinguished by any formal features. A list of prepositions will illustrate this point Detailansicht

  • Prepositions

    Hot Potatoe exercise. Fill in at, on, in, for or # for NO preposition. Gap-fill exercise.

  • Prepositions

    Fill in the missing prepositions. Gap-fill exercise. Detailansicht

  • Prepositions

    Multiple Choice. (Hot Pot) Detailansicht

  • Prepositions of location & direction

    Prepositions of location and direction.
    up/ down/ through/ across/ towards/ into/ over...
    Prepsition and adverb.
    Video(8:26) Detailansicht

  • Prepositions of location 1

    Basic introduction to prepositions. Answers to "Where?". "at" or "in"."on" or "in".
    Video (4:51) Detailansicht

  • Prepositions of location 2

    near/ by/ next to/ beside/ across from/ opposite
    under/ below/ above/ over
    between/ among/ in front of/ behind/ inside/ outside....
    Video (10:09) Detailansicht

  • Prepositions of movement (0-9)

    There are ten exercises if you click the "Next" button after you have finished the exercise with the following prepositions: IN FRONT OF ¤¤ AS FAR AS ¤¤ AROUND ¤¤ PAST ¤¤ THROUGH ¤¤ NEXT TO ¤¤ OVER ¤¤ UP ¤¤ DOWN Detailansicht

  • What are Prepositions?

    Words that describe 'Where' and 'When'. 2:19 Detailansicht