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  • Asking for Information

    ...different ways of asking for information! Detailansicht

  • Asking Questions - Powerpoint

    Aimed at intermediate level For download. Detailansicht

  • Expressing Preferences

    "What would you prefer?"
    ... Would you rather... [low framerate video, but worth listening to] 10:31. Detailansicht

  • Frage und Verneinung

    Satzk├Ąrtchen, Arbeitsbl├Ątter zu den Themes 1 bis 6 des Schulbuches "Portobello Road" von Diesterweg. Detailansicht

  • London ÔÇö Collection of Exercises

    A collection of several exercises. For this, the "exe-file" has to be executed. Detailansicht

    Clic 3.0 Exercise

  • Question words

    A selection of question words (who what when where why which how) and accompanying questions! [1:20] Detailansicht

  • Tag questions

    "In this lesson, we first review tag questions and then look at how they are used in spoken English. This is for learners who have already studied tag questions. Level: intermediate and advanced." [7:04] Detailansicht

  • Tag Questions

    Interactive exercise (takes some time to load). Detailansicht

  • Tag Questions II

    ...fill in the blanks with 'has he?', 'hasn't he?', and 'had he?'! Detailansicht

  • Tag Questions III

    ...practicing 'does she?', 'doesn't she?', 'did she?'. (Answers are given) Detailansicht

  • Tag Questions IV

    Fill in the gaps with 'have you?', 'are you?', and 'do you?'! Detailansicht

  • Tag Questions V

    Here you will find a short quiz concernde with all kinds of tag questions with 'to be'. Detailansicht

  • Tag Questions VI

    A matching Quiz! -All different kinds of tag questions can be practiced at this site! Detailansicht


    I. Questions asked with the help of 'to do'
    II. Questions asked without the help of 'to do' Detailansicht

  • Using the question word "where"

    This video uses the question word where with its different auxiliary verbs and articles and pronouns to form the beginning of questions. [4:58] Slides with text and pronunciation. Detailansicht

  • Wh.. Song

    Who? What? When? Where? Why?. Question word song [1:20] Detailansicht