Australia is truly remarkable in so many ways. The smallest continent is famous for its unique and diverse wildlife as it encompasses a wide variety of climatic zones, from vast deserts to tropical rain forests.

When it comes to population the country itself is anything but overcrowded. Australia might be at least 75 times as big as Austria but only has about three times as many inhabitants. There are many other aspects that make this area truly unique. We have managed to put information together about some of them. Take a virtual trip to the land down under.

  • Guide to Australia

    This guide offers a vast collection of information on Australia. The topics include geography, towns and cities, tourism, culture and much more. Detailansicht

  • Country Profile: Australia

    BBC News provides some basic facts and figures as well as information on Australia’s prime minister in this comparatively short online article. Detailansicht

  • Down Under in Australia

    A virtual trip to Australia where you learn something about kangaroos, wombats, dingos and the Tasmanian Devil. Detailansicht

  • Australia — Link Collection

    A link collection that refers to the topic field "Australia". Detailansicht

  • Australian Government

    The official website of the Australian government introduces parliament and the political system. Many links providing information about all kinds of social issues as well as living in Australia follow. Detailansicht

  • Photos from Australia

    This website is a good resource for pictures that have to do with the land down under. Here you will find photo collections covering e.g. famous locations and sights, beaches and landscapes as well as Aborigines. The Australian animals section is highly recommended. Detailansicht

  • Web Wombat — Australian Search Engine

    Web Wombat is the original Australian search engine. It gives you anything you might ask from a normal search service but the focus is, as expected, on Australian issues. It is definitely a good source for news and travel information. Detailansicht


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