We all may have different views on what a family actually is. Still, when it comes to language learning we usually start with getting to know the terms for the family members.

By introducing their families the pupils not only practise important language points but also grammatical structures they will need later on. The topic itself offers various creative opportunities to motivate (young) learners. One example is drawing a family tree, be it on paper or on the computer.

  • Lesson plan "Me and my family"

    Listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises - all around the topic "me and my family" Even if you don't have the "Early Bird"-materials there are still a few nice teaching suggestions. Language of the material: German Tested and developed by Ursula Schäfer Detailansicht

  • EFL - Family Tree

    A suggestion for a short activity aimed at younger learners. The students create a family tree. Detailansicht

  • British Council - Royalty

    Lesson planned around the British Royals. (classroom material included) Before the students learn about the Royal Family in Britain they need to have the family vocabulary. So some "family words" are introduced on a worksheet. Detailansicht

  • Enchanted Learning - Family Tree and other Family Crafts

    A few (drawing) suggestions for family trees and writing activities. Even though it is not usual that English lessons are used for genealogical research, there are programs which help students creating family trees and this helps remembering the family vocabulary. Detailansicht

  • Family Worksheets

    A few family worksheets that can be used for younger learners. Flashcards are available as well. Detailansicht

  • Family and friends - a pool of resources

    Language games, short stories, practise words for the family, find out about famous families, and read and listen to a story about a dad. Why not write a story about somebody in your family? Or practise describing people, and play a fun game. Detailansicht

  • Family - 4 interactive exercises

    Here you can find 4 interactive exercises with a listening comprehension around the topic "family". (matching definitions and expressions, listening comprehensions, text completion) Detailansicht

  • Online activity - Family Relationships

    Another unit in" Randall's Cyber Listening Lab" with tapescript, listening and exercises. Detailansicht

  • Family and Relationships - Vocabulary Wordgroup

    The wordlist on this site contains some of the most important words used when talking about family and relationships. Detailansicht

  • Family Tree - Vocabulary

    How are they related? Here you can find definitions of relatives and family relationships based on a family tree for beginners. Detailansicht

  • Who is who in your family?

    Your father's brother is your ...??? (interactive gap-fill exercise) Detailansicht

  • Family Ties

    You have to finish the sentences by using the right (family/relationship) word. Detailansicht

  • Family Relationships - Possessives

    A Pdf worksheet where students have to complete sentences with relations, possessives etc. Detailansicht


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