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The Republic of Ireland occupies a land area of 70,283 km² and the population is about 3.5 million. Ireland is a very green country and therefore also nicknamed "Emerald Isle". It is famous for its picturesque landscape with its many beautiful lakes, hills and castles.

Still this is by far not the only thing this country has to offer. Its vibrant culture is impossible to ignore and there are and have been quite a few famous Irish who have enriched society in general. We are sure that there are also many other reasons to find out more about this special place!

  • The Ireland Story

    History + Maps + Current Affairs Detailansicht

  • Ireland

    Here you can get some information about Ireland -its geography, history and politics. There is also a section about important Irish characters like Michael Collins or Eamon Devalera. You can also get the lyrics of popular Irish songs. Some grammar exercises are available on this website as well. Detailansicht

  • Articles on Northern Ireland and more

    A collection of some articles about the Northern Ireland conflict from around 1922 until 2000. We get to know more about important historical incidents and various aspects. Detailansicht

  • The Ireland Quiz (By Eduhi)

    An interactive quiz about Ireland (downloadable!). Detailansicht

  • Ireland Crosswords

    Eduhi has provided several exercises to test your knowledge on Ireland. Try an online crossword or some online multiple-choice exercises or print out the crosswords and see if you are an expert. The two printable crosswords (plus solutions) are for two levels of expertise. Detailansicht

  • St. Patrick's Day Resource Page

    Lessons, units, activities, videos. Detailansicht


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