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Northern Ireland, located on the island of Ireland, is part of the United Kingdom. It is often referred to as "Ulster" since the biggest part of the Irish province of Ulster makes up the territory which is now known as Northern Ireland.

The society used to be and still is divided between Nationalists and Unionists. The history of the region has been quite turbulent to say the least.

Still, compared to the violent struggles of the past, the situation in Northern Ireland is relatively peaceful now.

Since the conflict has shaped the region in such a decisive way historical aspects make up a huge part of this topic field.

  • Northern Ireland - Web Unit

    This web unit offers a few suggestions on how to teach the topic "Northern Ireland" in class. Detailansicht

  • Ideas and Teaching Material for Northern Ireland

    In October 2006, the eLearning Cluster Oberösterreich conducted a LEONARDO mobility project to Northern Ireland in order to get together with its partner SELB (Southern Education and Library Board). The creation of electronic learning material was one of many aims during this trip. Detailansicht

  • Bernard MacLaverty: CAL

    Whenever the conflict in Northern Ireland comes up as a topic "CAL" is usually one of the books that pupils have to read. In this school project the book is introduced and summed up. There is also some background information. Detailansicht


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