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Scotland (Gaelic: Alba) is probably the most popular part of the UK. Millions of tourists visit the northernmost part of the UK every year, travelling on the "whisky trail", visiting the numerous castles, discovering the rich nature and even richer history.

Despite the popular stereotype, the Scottish are a hospitable and fairly generous people, proud of their cultural heritage.

This section is just a small outline of resources on this most romantic part of the English-speaking world.

  • One O'clock Gun

    The firing of a gun from the battlements of Edinburgh Castle at 1pm from Monday to Saturday started as a means of giving an accurate time check to the ships in Leith Harbour — two miles away. Detailansicht

  • Edinburgh Military Tattoo

    Set against the majestic backdrop of Edinburgh Castle, the military tattoo has become one of the most famous events in Europe. Apart from booking facilities and information, the official site offers a large variety of downloadable materials, such as audio and video files, and photographs. Detailansicht

  • Heart of Scotland

    This homepage provides you with some entertaining information and articles on topics ranging from the lives of Wallace and Bruce to crafting Celtic knotwork or raising a West Highland White Terrier. Detailansicht

  • Visit Scotland

    Scottish Tourist Board — accomodation, activities and events in Scotland are available on this site. Detailansicht

  • Scottish Media

    This linklist leads you to any Scottish TV or radio station, newspaper, or magazine. Detailansicht

  • Scottish Culture and Heritage

    A link to multimedia resources about Scotland and the Scots. Updated regularly. Detailansicht

  • Electric Scotland

    Educational site, run from the USA and Canada. Vast resources on Scotland and the Scots, including materials for children. Detailansicht

  • Tour of Scotland — Quiz

    Scottish trivia, provided in both html and flash version. Detailansicht

  • Welcome to Scotland

    Large collection of links and resources about Scotland, including many quizzes and games. Designed for tourists, but obviously attractive to students as well. Detailansicht


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