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Explore London's sights and attractions before you actually get there. Take a virtual tour of London, explore the history of the historic buildings and get prepared for a visit of the "real" city of London.

  • London — Top Attractions

    The places that everybody wants to see. Buckingham Palace, St James Park, House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey etc. Detailansicht

  • London — Sightseeing

    Are you planning a field trip to London? Here are some suggestions as to which sights you can visit. Detailansicht

  • Historic Royal Palaces

    Historic Royal Palaces manages these five magnificent buildings (Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, Banqueting House, Kew Palace) — some of the most visited historical attractions in Britain. Detailansicht

  • A View on Citites — London

    Excellent pictures and supporting texts. An interactive map is provided as well. Detailansicht

  • Clink Prison Museum

    It was originally used for the detention of heretics but came to be used for people who broke the peace on Bankside or in Southwark's numerous brothels. The Clink Prison Museum is currently located on the original site in Clink Street, in the basement of a former warehouse. Detailansicht

  • London — Quizzes

    A number of interactive quizzes on London. Detailansicht

  • London Attractions Map

    Where to go and what to see in London (castles, cathedrals, museums and galleries)! Detailansicht

  • London Eye

    The London Eye, a big wheel with a height of 35 meters, is situated on the South Bank next to the Thames and opposite to the Houses of Parliament. It is one of the major sights of London. The website also offers downloadable teaching resources. Detailansicht

  • London for Kids

    Worksheet for download. (WORD file) Detailansicht

  • London Sights Quiz

    Multiple choice questions. Detailansicht

  • The Tower of London

    Embark on a virtual tour of the Tower of London. Don't miss the "Shoot for your life" game! Detailansicht

  • Westminster Abbey

    The Westminster Abbey is a famous Gothic cathedral. All the English kings have been crowned and buried in this cathedral. Detailansicht

  • Tower Bridge Exhibition

    The official website of the Tower Bridge exhibition. Detailansicht

  • St Paul's Cathedral

    Official website. A Cathedral dedicated to St Paul has overlooked the City of London since 604AD, a constant reminder to this great commercial centre of the importance of the spiritual side of life. Detailansicht

  • London Dungeon

    The London Dungeon recreates various gory historical events in a fun and exciting way, making them more appealing to the younger generation. Detailansicht

  • Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

    Shakespeare's Globe was founded by Sam Wanamaker and is dedicated to the experience and international understanding of Shakespeare in performance. The site also provides teaching resources such as "interactive microsites" and interviews. Detailansicht


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