Stories and storytelling

Students often get stories to read in the English language classroom but rarely they get them told. Especially at elementary level storytelling has many benefits - enhancing the pupils' listening skills is only one of them.

That is why the links here offer advice on how to tell a story to captivate the audience. Apart from storytelling interactive and "classical" reading exercises can be found as well as many short stories to read.

  • Stories - British Council

    The British Council offers short easy stories to watch and listen to as well as longer ones to read. Detailansicht

  • Handbook for Storytellers

    This handbook on storytelling offers hints to anyone who is interested in telling stories. Detailansicht

  • Online-Stories im Englischunterricht

    Seit einiger Zeit findet man im Internet kleine hübsch illustrierte stories, die sich für den Einsatz im Englischunterricht eignen. Sie ermöglichen die Originalbegegnung mit der englischen Aussprache und Intonation und fördern das Hör- und Leseverstehen. Detailansicht

  • Short Stories

    Various short stories from genres like children's, horror, romance, humour or sci fi. Detailansicht

  • BritLit - Using literature in the ELT classroom

    BritLit intends to help teachers to exploit English literature in the ELT classroom. So a range of materials based around the works of various authors can be found here. Many of the packs include complete texts, teachers' notes, tasks for students as well as audio recordings of interviews with ... Detailansicht

  • Short stories - List of Links

    Links to websites containing classic and contemporary short stories as well as background information and exercises. Detailansicht

  • Digital Storytelling

    A list of links that inform teachers about digital storytelling and offer tools for students to craft a digital story. Detailansicht


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