mLearning - From theory to practice, Gavin Dudeney

(c) Günter Havlena  /
(c) Günter Havlena /

This practical seminar will take a brief look at the history of mobile and handheld learning from the early days of text messaging to the current possibilities afforded by sophisticated devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

It will then move on to examine the shift that takes place when learners are encouraged to keep their mobile devices switched on in class (instead of turning them off!) and share a basic theoretical rationale for their regular implementation, considering both the pros and cons of such an initiative. 

Finally the presenter will share a range of practical ideas that teachers can immediately implement in their classes across a variety of levels and contexts.

This seminar balances recent methodology research and writing with practical experience of consulting on the implementation of a class set of iPads in a language school context in the UK.    

Who is this for?
All English Language teachers - EFL, ESOL, EAL - from newly qualified to experienced.

Wednesday 14 November, 18:45 - 20:00 (GMT)

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Further information

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  • There will be a competition via Twitter and the blog asking ‘Which would you rather have – gift tokens for books, e-books, or apps and why?’ Those with the most interesting or creative answers will win the gift token of their choice.