App: Shakespeare’s Globe 360

Shakespeare’s Globe 360 will give kids worldwide a 360-degree photo-real version of the famous ‘Wooden O’. The recreation will be fully-interactive, with dynamic content providing information about the past and present of the unique building.

Users can walk through virtual oak doors, and they can view and explore the theatre from six different locations. These include an actor’s-eye view from the famous stage itself, backstage in the tiring-house and standing in the Yard, where they can re-enact the Elizabethan audience’s experience, tilting their device to look up at the sky and the circle of thatched roofing.

Information hotspots throughout Shakespeare’s Globe 360 reveal videos from Globe scholars giving historical context, facts about the building past and present, and images from previous stage productions.

The app (IOS) is free, and contains an optional in app purchase. Visit for more information.