Create worksheets from authentic texts

The Gap-fill generator can be found on the British Council website. It is powered by LingleOnline, a program that lets you create class materials from real news texts.

The Gap-fill generator transforms authentic texts into fill in exercises. The articles are taken from the Guardian and range from pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate. Covered are recent events from various topic fields like business, sports, news, science or entertainment. There are thousands of examples to choose from since new articles are added almost every day.  However, you can’t really choose the words you want to blank out. They are “highlighted” for you from two categories, difficult words and topical words. Once you have selected a certain number of words your exercise can be previewed and printed.
More features become available if you sign up for a free 30 days trial period on LingleOnline. For instance you can also highlight grammar points in addition to vocabulary.

Gap-fill generator