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  • De la Rey Song - Behind the scenes 2

    More interviews, statements and reactions to the song and what it means to live in South Africa as a white man. Detailansicht

  • De la Rey - Song in Afrikaans with English subtitles

    This song has caused harsh controversies in South Africa. For White Afrikaners it seems to be a new national anthem, others consider it a revanchist provocative song of reactionaries. Detailansicht

  • Department for Transport, UK

    Here you can find the homepage of the Department for Transport. Detailansicht

  • Department of Health

    Official UK website containing statistics, surveys and other data as well as information on health matters. Detailansicht

  • Didgeridoo

    Playing a didgeridoo is not an easy task as anyone who tried it will tell you. Apart from general information on this traditional Aboriginal instrument, this article gives you some useful practical hints that might improve your "didgeridoo ability". Detailansicht

  • Did you see it? — Bullying

    Social alienation as a form of bullying. (1:59 video) Detailansicht

  • Discover Northern Ireland

    The official website of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. Detailansicht

  • Divining America: Religion and the National Culture

    Essays on various aspects of the issue of religion in America. Detailansicht

  • Documenting the American South

    Primary resources for the study of southern history, literature and culture. Detailansicht

  • Don't Get Bullied!

    Did you log out? Video (0:33) Detailansicht

  • Down Under in Australia

    A virtual trip to Australia where you learn something about kangaroos, wombats, dingos and the Tasmanian Devil. Detailansicht

  • Drinks

    Match the pictures with the words (pdf document)

  • Dublin Castle

    Find out more about Dublin Castle. You can also take 360° tour, go and see for yourself! Detailansicht

  • Dublin Sights

    An overview of some of the most important sights of Ireland's capital (pdf-file). Detailansicht

  • Dublin Tourism

    Welcome to the official online tourist office for Dublin. Detailansicht

  • Dublin Tourist

    Your definitive guide to Dublin on the Web. Detailansicht

  • Early US History

    Interactive exercise about American history. Detailansicht

  • Easy short and longer stories

    Are you looking for a change? The British Council has short easy stories to watch and listen to, and longer stories for you to read. Enjoy! Detailansicht

  • Eating Right for a Healthier Life

    A well-designed web-quest with tasks, activities, etc. Detailansicht

  • Ecotourism Game

    An interactive game simulating tourism in an unspoilt area.

    "In this game, you can try your hand at developing an ecotourism project in the Amazon. Can you make ecotourism sustainable? Good luck!" Detailansicht

  • Edinburgh Military Tattoo

    Set against the majestic backdrop of Edinburgh Castle, the military tattoo has become one of the most famous events in Europe. Apart from booking facilities and information, the official site offers a large variety of downloadable materials, such as audio and video files, and photographs. Detailansicht

  • EFL - Family Tree

    A suggestion for a short activity aimed at younger learners. The students create a family tree. Detailansicht

  • Eighteen Century E-texts

    The following catalogue includes most of the electronic editions of eighteenth-century works publicly available on the network. "Eighteenth century" is understood extremely broadly -- this very long eighteenth century runs from Milton through Byron, or thereabouts. Detailansicht

  • eLearningsequenz zum Thema "India"

    You can only open this site with Internet Explorer!
    This learning sequence developed within the "eLearning Cluster" initiative of the bm:bwk as an entry of the Abendgymnasium Salzburg. Detailansicht

  • elections in the US - wordlist

    Topically relevant words (like inaugural address or electoral system) in example sentences as well as important (historical) information about the electoral system, list of presidents and so on. Info is in German. Detailansicht