• St. Patrick's Day Resource Page

    Lessons, units, activities, videos. Detailansicht


  • St. Valentine's Day Worksheets

    From lesson plans and activities to printables and clip art you can find everything you need to bring this holiday to life for your young students. Word Scrambles, ESL lesson plans and even fun and original arts and crafts ideas – it's all there for the taking. Detailansicht


  • Subjects at School 1

    Interactive exercise with pull-down menu. (Designed for: The New YOU&ME2, Unit 15, pp.111-112) Detailansicht


  • Subjects at School 2

    Interactive drag&drop matching exercise. (Designed for: The New YOU&ME2, Unit 15, pp.111-112) Detailansicht


  • Subjects at School 3

    Interactive flashcard exercise. (Designed for: The New YOU&ME2, Unit 15, pp.111-112) Detailansicht


  • Subjects at School 4

    Interactive exercise (Short-answer quiz) to practise words and spelling. (Designed for: The New YOU&ME2, Unit 15, pp.111-112) Detailansicht


  • Sugar - The Sugar Trap

    An article about how the world stays hooked on sugar. Detailansicht


  • Super Simple Halloween Songs!

    Hello My Friends (Let's Go Trick-or-Treating!) Knock Knock, Trick or Treat?
    The Skeleton Dance Detailansicht


  • Teacher's Information

    Teacher's information about an e-learning project on food and drink on the B2-level with a special focus on healthy diet, eating at school and eating out. Detailansicht


  • Telling Time Worksheet

    Write down the time(s) the clock(s) show(s). Detailansicht


  • Thanksgiving: History of Thanksgiving (5:33)

    "Although Thanksgiving celebrations dated back to the first European settlements in America, it was not until the 1860s that Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday of November to be a national holiday." Original American video clip (5:33). Highly recommendable. Detailansicht


  • Thanksgiving — Crossword puzzle

    Interactive crossword puzzle. Detailansicht


  • Thanksgiving — History of celebrations

    The history of Thanksgiving and its celebrations. Throughout history mankind has celebrated the bountiful harvest with thanksgiving ceremonies — from the ancient Greeks, the Chinese, the Egyptians to the Americans of today. Detailansicht


  • Thanksgiving Idioms

    Do you know the expressions "to be stuffed", "go cold turkey" and "Let's talk turkey"? If not, you should watch this video and do the exercises. Detailansicht


  • Thanksgiving in the United States

    Thanksgiving in its historical context. Detailansicht


  • Thanksgiving — Things we do

    Illustrated pdf-printable worksheet about things which we usually do on Thanksgiving. Detailansicht


  • Thanksgiving — Vocabulary

    Thanksgiving wordlist with pictures. PDF-printable. Detailansicht


  • Thanksgiving — Word search printables

    Six Happy Thanksgiving word search exercises for print (pdf). Detailansicht


  • The Body — a wordlist

    English & German. Detailansicht


  • The Body — with Voice

    All parts of the body with voice. (Quicktime player) Detailansicht


  • The Christmas Reindeer... The Ancient Caribou

    This article about Caribous gives a good contrast to what is known about Reindeers in our Christmas-connected latitudes. It is a highly informative text and would suit perfectly for a pre-Christmas lesson (jigsaw method)…


  • The Christmas Stocking Game

    Christmas board game (photocopiable for use in class - pdf) Detailansicht


  • The FA - Women

    Check the FA's women's football website for further and more recent information. Detailansicht


  • The Gunpowder Plot

    By Bruce Robinson. Even though the Gunpowder Plot failed, all British Catholics suffered because of it. Bruce Robinson describes the bitterness that lay behind the cruel endeavour, and the treachery and persecution that was its result. Detailansicht


  • The human body and anatomy

    The further you scroll down, the more specific the vocabulary becomes. Several exercises are also included (Hangman, Dictation and Spelling Test, Word Search and many more). Detailansicht