• Animals Quiz

    Can you name these animals? Interactive exercise. Detailansicht


  • Animals Quiz — Advanced

    Matching exercise. Detailansicht


  • Animals — Quizzes (Worksheets)

    Wordsearches and a crosswordpuzzle. German words have to be translated into English. (downloadable wordfiles)


  • Animals — Stations

    Aimed at pupils of the elementary school. Offers suggestions for higher classes though. Detailansicht


  • Animals — US site

    The videos are very recommendable as they are critical and a good listening comprehension exercise. Detailansicht


  • Animals — Vocabulary

    Games: Animals, Wild Animals, Animals in Water, Insects, Bugs etc.. Detailansicht


  • Animals — Vocabulary exercise

    In this online quiz your English animal vocabulary is tested. Detailansicht


  • Animals — Working with a search engine

    From p. 32 on there is a suggestion for a lesson about animals and working with a search engine. Detailansicht


  • Animals — Worksheets

    Two worksheets with 20 pictures of animals each. (downloadable pictures which can be inserted into word documents) Detailansicht


  • Armagh - The Mall

    Project members also visited Armagh and gathered some information on "The Mall", Archbishop Robinson and what prisons were like a few hundred years ago. Detailansicht

  • Arsenal

    Follow the Premier League champions on the Gunners' official homepage Detailansicht


  • A simple means of transport

    Some facts about how to travel in different countries.
    In various regions around the world, trains may be an excellent means of transportation and when planning a trip abroad, they should not be neglected. Detailansicht


  • Asking & Telling the Time

    Sample dialogue and key vocabulary. Can easily be practiced in dialogues. Detailansicht


  • At School — Worksheets

    Different sorts of working material. In most cases the students have to match pictures with the equivalent word. Detailansicht

  • Australian Animal Printouts

    A collection of worksheets on famous and not so famous animals of Australia. The animals are described and can be coloured. (Scroll down to the worksheets.) Detailansicht


  • Australian Animals

    Unique Australian animals with thumbnail pictures to choose. Click on the pictures for information. The website is a great resource for project work. Detailansicht


  • Australian Koala Foundation

    On this webpage you can get all the important facts on one of Australia's living icons. Detailansicht


  • Australian Slang — Aussie Lingo

    The language is part of the fun when traveling around in Australia. The terms are sorted by criteria, e.g. people, animals, places or behaviour. Detailansicht


  • Australian Wildlife

    This teaching project is primarily aimed at older elementary school pupils who already know a few animal names, can describe them in short sentences and have basic knowledge on how to use the internet. Pupils work in groups on various tasks. Detailansicht


  • Background information about Halloween: Traditions and customs

    Background information about Halloween: customs and traditions.
    As a follow-up activity there is a vocabulary matching exercise. Detailansicht


  • BBC Football - the latest news on football

    The latest BBC Football news plus live scores, fixtures, results, tables, video, audio, blogs and analysis for all major UK and international leagues. Detailansicht


  • Bend it like Beckham

    The motion picture "Bend it like Beckham" is fairly well known by now. It is about an Indian teenage girl who is crazy about David Beckham and an avid football player herself. She even joins a local women's football team without the consent of her parents as they have more traditional views. Detailansicht


  • Bingo Vegetables

    Match the pictures with the words and play Bingo Detailansicht


  • Body 1 — Diagram

    Move the mouse pointer over the hotspots in the picture and listen to the proper words for the various parts of the body. Detailansicht


  • Body Parts Vocabulary

    Video (2'48) with static photographs of parts of the body and voice repeating the words. Detailansicht