• Christmas Webquest

    A webquest where the history of Christmas is explained. There is also the opportunity to start a discussion with students, as well as an information search for students.

    other topics that are included: Santa Clause, Christmas around the world, Interesting facts about Christmas Detailansicht


  • Clothes & Fashion

    Conversation Questions on Clothes & Fashion. Detailansicht

    Charles Kelly & Lawrence Kelly

  • Clothes - balloon burst game on clothes

    Do you know the words for clothes in English? Play this game to find out. Detailansicht


  • Clothes - MORE!1 Unit 9 (Quizlet)

    Train the vocabulary. Choose the study mode below. Detailansicht

  • Clothes on Learning Chocolate

    The wordfield "clothing" with images, sound and writing. Covered tasks are "Matching", "Dictation" and "Gap-Fill". Detailansicht

  • Clothes - picture dictionary (Quizlet)

    Train the vocabulary. Choose the study mode below. Detailansicht

  • Clothes-Quiz

    Vocabulary: English-German interactive multiple-choice quiz on items of clothing. (21 questions). Detailansicht


  • Clothes Store

    Have a look at the Theme Park's Clothes Store with vocabulary exercises, matching activities, gap-fill, crosswords and multiple choice. Detailansicht


  • Clothes - Vocabulary

    Interactive matching exercises:15 images of pieces of clothing match with the words in the pull-down menu. Detailansicht


  • Clothing: MC-Quiz

    Vocabulary: English-German multiple-choice (text-) quiz on clothing. (73 questions). Detailansicht


  • Clothing picture vocabulary

    More than 10 exercises on clothes, including: Multiple Choice, Drag and Drop, Crossword Puzzles, Hangman Detailansicht


  • Colours of Things

    "Stöpselkarte": is the colour marked right or wrong?
    author unknown. printable pdf-document Detailansicht


  • Conversation Questions about Food & Eating

    All sorts of questions on this topic and many more than you could possibly think of. Detailansicht


  • Create your own animal worksheets

    A variety of animal worksheets and games can be created here, e.g. word searches, crosswords or dominoes. Detailansicht


  • Days of the Week

    Big blackboard cards depicting the days of the weeks.(PDF document) Detailansicht


  • Days of the week and months — Word search quizzes

    Here you can find two word search quizzes for both "Days of the week" and "Months". (You have to scroll down) Detailansicht


  • Death Penalty Information Center

    This website not only provides newspaper articles treating the death penalty but also videos, audio clips, podcasts e.g.. Detailansicht


  • Department for Transport, UK

    Here you can find the homepage of the Department for Transport. Detailansicht


  • Drinks

    Match the pictures with the words (pdf document)


  • Eating Right for a Healthier Life

    A well-designed web-quest with tasks, activities, etc. Detailansicht


  • EFL - Family Tree

    A suggestion for a short activity aimed at younger learners. The students create a family tree. Detailansicht


  • Enchanted Learning - Family Tree and other Family Crafts

    A few (drawing) suggestions for family trees and writing activities.

    Even though it is not usual that English lessons are used for genealogical research, there are programs which help students creating family trees and this helps remembering the family vocabulary.


  • England's Record Against Austria

    ... since 1908!!!

    Overview of the soccer results England : Austria. Detailansicht


  • England Football online

    The English National Football Team: England Football Online is an independent website not affiliated with any football organisation. Detailansicht


  • ESL Teaching Ideas for the Human Body

    This is the most comprehensive collection of health and body related materials, exercises and lesson plans for all levels of English. Detailansicht