• Family - 4 interactive exercises

    Here you can find 4 interactive exercises with a listening comprehension around the topic "family".
    (matching definitions and expressions, listening comprehensions, text completion) Detailansicht


  • Family and friends - a pool of resources

    Language games, short stories, practise words for the family, find out about famous families, and read and listen to a story about a dad. Why not write a story about somebody in your family? Or practise describing people, and play a fun game. Detailansicht


  • Family and Relationships - Vocabulary Wordgroup

    The wordlist on this site contains some of the most important words used when talking about family and relationships. Detailansicht


  • Family Relationships - Possessives

    A Pdf worksheet where students have to complete sentences with relations, possessives etc. Detailansicht


  • Family Ties

    You have to finish the sentences by using the right (family/relationship) word. Detailansicht


  • Family Tree - Vocabulary

    How are they related? Here you can find definitions of relatives and family relationships based on a family tree for beginners. Detailansicht


  • Family Vocabulary and Pronouns

    Some basic words concerning family life as well as some pronouns (table and interactive exercise) on this esl.about.com site.
    (Text/description of a family, chart of family relationships using the opposite family members, possessive chart) Detailansicht


  • Family Worksheets

    A few family worksheets that can be used for younger learners. Flashcards are available as well. Detailansicht


  • Farm Animals

    Worksheet (pdf) — text matching exercise for print-out (Lovely pictures!) Detailansicht


  • FIFA Worldcup

    Official FIFA website with all sorts of information around the worldcup. Detailansicht


  • Find the ending to Mr. Bean's "Merry Christmas"

    Teaching idea: The teacher shows the whole clip or only part of it. The students have to find an ending according to their phantasy. Can also be used for collective storytelling. Detailansicht


  • Flora and Fauna of Australia

    Due to the continent's long geographic isolation it bears an enormous variety of unique creatures. Get to know all the mammals, marsupials, birds, reptiles and others. Detailansicht


  • Flying Colours

    An incredible site with colours and their respective names in English! Or do you know what "mediumspringgreen", "mediumturquoise", "mediumvioletred" and "midnightblue" etc. look like? Have a look! Detailansicht


  • Food

    exercise sheet made by Karin Schorm (pdf document) Detailansicht


  • Food & Drinks in Pictures 1

    Interactive exercises for kids for the following words: cake, cheese, pizza, toast, vegetables, fruit, ice cream, orange juice, wine. Detailansicht


  • Food & Drinks in Pictures 2

    Interactive exercises for kids for the following words: milk, salad, strawberry, pear, orange, egg etc. Detailansicht


  • Food - a mindmap

    An overview of different kinds of food. (drinks, vegetables, main courses and desserts)

    HTML-file Detailansicht


  • Food - a wordlist

    An English and German wordlist of all kinds of food. Detailansicht


  • Food Bingo

    A HotPotato Crossword exercise called "food bingo" Detailansicht


  • Food Picture Dictionary: Fruit

    "What are these? ... Do you like ...?" [2:51]

    A short clip where different kinds of fruit are shown and named. Detailansicht


  • Food pyramid

    This worksheet can be used to show pupils a food pyramid. Detailansicht


  • Football (Soccer) - Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is often a good starting point. Find out more about the basic rules, tactics, equipment, popularity and history of the game as well as important competitions. Links to other articles and external ones will help you as well. Detailansicht


  • Football - BBC World

    The Learning English section of BBC world starts out with the descriptions of the most important football terms and goes into phrases relevant to this topic field. There are also online games you can play as well as vocab lists you can download. Detailansicht


  • Football Culture

    This site is produced by The British Council and the BBC to promote the culture of football around the world. Detailansicht


  • Football glossary (English and German)

    This detailed German - English glossary provides lots of information on all football related topic fields. The usage of the words is shown as well and for further research you can follow the links that are given as a reference. Detailansicht