• Music groups on the Web

    Suggestions and description of a project about music groups on the Internet. (material in German)


  • My Body — Gap-Fill & Crossword

    Interactive gap-fill exercise on unit 7, You&Me1, plus an interactive crossword. Detailansicht


  • Nativity Church - A Virtual Tour

    "I realize that not everyone can visit the wonderful Church of the Nativity here in Bethlehem. So for those who have never been here, I offer you a chance to take your own informal walk through the historic and holy site." Detailansicht


  • Northpole

    Students can visit Santa´s hometown...
    They can send cards to a friend or a letter to Santa. Many games, stories (personalised Christmas stories) and teaching material. Detailansicht


  • Notting Hill Carnival Pictures

    Picture gallery. Detailansicht


  • Notting Hill Carnival Site

    Interesting "History" of the carnival and the steel pan in the UK. Detailansicht


  • Numbers spoken to you

    Move the mouse over the numbers and listen to the correct pronunciation. Detailansicht


  • Oh how I love Thanksgiving

    Sort of animated poem mentioning all the traditional food for a Thanksgiving dinner and the fact that all these calories add to your weight. (1:12) Detailansicht


  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm - Lesson Plan

    Rather detailed lesson plan for children. Detailansicht


  • Online activity - Family Relationships

    Another unit in" Randall's Cyber Listening Lab" with tapescript, listening and exercises. Detailansicht


  • Ordinal Numbers

    A crossword exercise where you have to fill in ordinal numbers Detailansicht


  • Our Animals

    Our Animals is an Australian educational TV series aimed at young children. On this website they can get an insight into the life of land and water animals as well as "animals in the air". There are lots of photos and cute illustrations. Detailansicht


  • Parts of the Body — BBC

    You can practice the parts of the body with a diagram, a poem and listen to the words. Detailansicht


  • Parts of the body — Crossword 1

    Interactive crossword Detailansicht


  • Parts of the body — Crossword 2

    The clues are sentences describing what we do with these parts of the body. Attention: Java-Script has to be enabled. Detailansicht


  • Parts of the Body — Crossword 3

    Hot Potato Detailansicht


  • Parts of the body — Hangman

    Hangman Game, 42 words. Detailansicht


  • Parts of the Body — Matching

    Hot Potatoes matching exercise. Detailansicht


  • Parts of the body — Quiz

    Multiple choice quiz — 34 body parts with pictures. Detailansicht


  • Parts of the body — Teaching them

    Here is a fun way to practise the vocabulary after it has initially been taught to children.


  • Pets

    English words with pictures of animals. By cutting out cards you can create a matching-type exercise. pdf-file by Monika Wegerer. Detailansicht


  • Photos from Australia

    This website is a good resource for pictures that have to do with the land down under. Here you will find photo collections covering e.g. famous locations and sights, beaches and landscapes as well as Aborigines. The Australian animals section is highly recommended. Detailansicht


  • Plants and Animals in Australia

    Here is another project where pupils have to do some research online. They should gather some information on specific Australian animals. The tasks for the pupils and links about each animal are listed. However, not all links are helpful since some of them are not working anymore.


  • Premier Skills

    The British Premier League and the British Council help you to learn two global languages: football and English. Detailansicht


  • Printout

    Images of bodies with numbers and words. Detailansicht