• Printout

    Images of bodies with numbers and words. Detailansicht


  • Professions

    A worksheet for elementary school — a picture-word matching exercise. The author is unknown. Detailansicht


  • Reading Comprehension: Haunted Halloween

    The beginning of a ghost story which the pupils are supposed to continue makes up the main part of the document. It also features comprehension questions and a vocabulary exercise. Detailansicht


  • Recent School Shootings

    A time line of recent worldwide school shootings. Detailansicht


  • ReefHQ Aquarium

    The largest living coral reef aquarium, located in Townsville, Queensland, allows you to see the Great Barrier Reef up close. Take the virtual tour and have a look at all the marine wildlife. Detailansicht


  • Resources for Christmas stories and poems

    Do you need resources about Christmas, Santa Claus, Christmas Stories and Puzzles,like stories or poems? Have a look at this site. Detailansicht


  • Restaurant behaviour

    A HotPotato exercise where students can learn how they should behave in a restaurant.

    It is a short text split into parts and those should be put into the correct order to get the five general rules of behavior. Detailansicht


  • Rugby

    A simple guide to Rugby (pdf document). It includes information on the players, the scrum, the scoring and the teams. Detailansicht

    A Guide to Rugby (Education highway)

  • Saint Patrick's Day

    History and facts around the St. Patrick's day provided by the British Council. Detailansicht


  • Saint Patrick's Day Activities

    Information about St. Patrick, crafts, coloring pages, recipies, poems and worksheets. Detailansicht


  • Saint Patrick's Day — Vocabulary, Exercises and Worksheets

    Lessons & games for adults & young learners. Detailansicht


  • Santa's Net

    Site starts with (trashy) midi-music. Search the categories "Favourites, Songs, Recipes, Traditions = Christmas Around the World, including Austria". Designed for children. Detailansicht


  • Santas.net

    This page is full of christmassy stuff, but the rubric "Tradtions" is especially useful in class context: It's about what Christmas is like in different countries all around the world.


  • School Rules

    Interactive gap-fill exercise on School Rules, practising modal verbs. (See: The New YOU&ME2, Unit 15, pp.114) Detailansicht


  • Schooltalk at British Schools

    If you happen to spend some time at a British school, you will need specific vocabulary. Detailansicht


  • Scientific American — Magazine

    Science magazine which provides a wide range of articles on many topics. Good archive. Detailansicht


  • Scrambled words — body parts

    Puzzle. Java has to be installed. Detailansicht


  • Soccer Quotes - a database of famous soccer related quotations

    Here you will find a selection of quotes from players, managers and commentators. Let the unique wisdom of David Beckham, his wife Victoria!! and others put a smile on your face. Detailansicht


  • Social Studies for Kids

    Wide range of topics — from archeology to sports, from culture to US-history etc. Detailansicht


  • some Christmas Carols and poems

    Christmas poems and carols with lyrics...


  • Sports and games

    If you click on the numbers, a picture appears that shows a sport or game. Write the name of the sport or game in the field and click on "ok". If you have finished, click on the check mark. Have fun! Detailansicht

  • Sports Crossword

    What kind of sport is it? Detailansicht


  • Sports in Pictures

    Interactive exercises with images. Words: tennis, basketball, football, baseball, bowling, climbing, skiing, running, diving. Detailansicht


  • St. Patrick's Day — Coloring Pages and Worksheets

    Aimed at elementary school level for native speakers the workssheets (cloze, text with questions) can also be used for learners of English. Detailansicht


  • St. Patrick's Day — JenniferESL

    In this YouTube video Jennifer explains words and phrases in connection with St.Patrick's Day. Teaching possibilities are also given (see link). Detailansicht