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  • 'Trick or Treat' — Worksheet

    Very easy description with pictures (downloadable worksheet). Detailansicht

  • "Christmas Polluted by Consumerism!"

    Enjoy the perfect lesson plans at Sean Banville's "Breaking News English" website with a variety of Christmas topics. (Further links below). Detailansicht

  • "Holiday" ideas you can use in your classroom

    Link leads to plenty of material for various holidays. Detailansicht

  • "Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean" - and the Present ProgressiveTense

    Mr.Bean (YouTube-Link - still love it!!!)
    could be used as a "tune into topic" or at the end of the last E-lesson before Christmas...

  • 101 Questions for Santa

    Try to answer them but they are quite a challenge or do you know Santa's native language? Detailansicht

  • A funny Thanksgiving song — except for the turkey

    YouTube song with slides with the text.(1:58) Detailansicht

  • Background information about Halloween: Traditions and customs

    Background information about Halloween: customs and traditions.
    As a follow-up activity there is a vocabulary matching exercise. Detailansicht

  • Bonfire Night Food

    Cooking Baked Potatoes on a Bonfire - how to do it

  • British Christmas - customs & traditions

    The Woodlands Junior School in Kent has collected information on: Advent Calendars - Christmas Trees - Christmas Day - Christmas Carols, Dinner, Tea, Eve, Crackers, Pantomimes, Decorations, Father Christmas, Boxing Day, Yule Log, Wassailing, Twelfth Night. Detailansicht

  • Carol: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    A gap-fill exercise using the lyrics of the carol sung by Judy Garland. Detailansicht

  • Celebrating MLK Day

    In recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, here is a collection of New York Times, Learning Network and other materials for teaching and learning about Dr. King, the civil rights movement he led and his legacy. Detailansicht

  • Children's Christmas Games and Activities

    This website offers some fun Christmas activities, explanations about Christmas and Christmas symbols. Furthermore some recipes, word search and word jumbles. Detailansicht

  • Christmas Activities

    This website offers a variety of different activities for school.
    - Vocabulary exercises
    - Listening comprehensions
    - Webquests (How Christmas is celebrated around the world)
    - Dear Santa Letter Generator.

  • Christmas Activities for Kids and Teachers

    Find out about Christmas legends, songs, traditions, cliparts and resources for teachers and kids alike. Detailansicht

  • Christmas Around the World

    Visit over 30 different countries and see how they celebrate Christmas! Detailansicht

  • Christmas Carol (excerpt) by Charles Dickens

    Abridged and slightly simplified version of the opening of A Christmas Carol.
    Animated Video [25 min] (see links further down) Detailansicht

  • Christmas Celebrations Around the World

    "It is interesting to see how different countries celebrate Christmas. We asked some of our friends to explain what happens in their countries. This is what they told us: ..." Detailansicht

  • Christmas Crossword

    A Christmas Online-Crossword
    (Java-Plug-in required) Detailansicht

  • Christmas Crossword Puzzle Game

    Crossword with words around Christmas in English-speaking countries. Detailansicht

  • Christmas Fun for Kids

    Games, stories and printable material - this is an incredibly rich resource! You should take some time to select if you rather shoot snowballs at Santa, learn some songs or read short stories. Detailansicht

  • Christmas in Australia

    Peculiarities of celebrating Christmas in early summer. What is Christmas about living "down under". Detailansicht

  • Christmas in England - Overview

    To get an overview about Christmas traditions in England students can talk/write about the differences in culture, customs and traditions between England and Austria.

  • Christmaslinks and Teaching Ideas

    From Charles Dickens to quizzes and games - a collection of ideas and activities around Christmas Season. Detailansicht

  • Christmas presents (toys)

    exercise sheet: fill-in the gaps (pdf-document)
    designed by Karin Schorm Detailansicht

  • Christmas Quiz

    Interactive quiz for children with Christmas images. Detailansicht