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  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    This children book by Dr.Seuss is still worth reading and watching the wonderful drawings of the people in Who-ville. Meanwhile there are also Youtube films available (see links below). Definitely worth watching!

  • Ireland Fun Facts

    Whether you’re planning to visit Ireland soon or you just want to stay in touch as an "armchair traveler", you’ll get a steady stream of tips about ways to enjoy Ireland’s culture. Detailansicht

  • It´s Christmas Time!

    Create your own Christmas card, decorate a Christmas tree or find out how other people around the world celebrate Christmas. Don't miss the Christmas jokes and riddles! Detailansicht

  • Jingle Bells Quiz

    Flash quiz about the lyrics of the song Jingle Bells: a gap filling exercise with multiple choice answers (sts. can find out the correct answers whithout knowing the lyrics by heart); distracters are well chosen (not too easy); trains grammatical items (tenses, word formation, prepositions, etc.) Detailansicht

  • Lesson Plans and Activities for Christmas

    Here you find nice lesson plans and activities around Christmas for your classroom, such as reading comprehensions, speaking tasks, vocabulary and grammar worksheets, crossword puzzles, gap-filling exercises, facts and stories around Christmas.

  • London — Quizzes

    A number of interactive quizzes on London. Detailansicht

  • Martin Luther King Day

    This federal holiday honoring the civil rights leader is observed on the third Monday in January. This website features a collection of facts on King's life and the civil rights movement. Detailansicht

  • Material around Christmas for Language Assistants

    What does Christmas mean for people in the UK? Wordgames, New Year's resolutions and many more teaching ideas are to be found on this site. Detailansicht

  • Nativity Church - A Virtual Tour

    "I realize that not everyone can visit the wonderful Church of the Nativity here in Bethlehem. So for those who have never been here, I offer you a chance to take your own informal walk through the historic and holy site." Detailansicht

  • Northpole

    Students can visit Santa´s hometown...
    They can send cards to a friend or a letter to Santa. Many games, stories (personalised Christmas stories) and teaching material. Detailansicht

  • Notting Hill Carnival Pictures

    Picture gallery. Detailansicht

  • Notting Hill Carnival Site

    Interesting "History" of the carnival and the steel pan in the UK. Detailansicht

  • Oh how I love Thanksgiving

    Sort of animated poem mentioning all the traditional food for a Thanksgiving dinner and the fact that all these calories add to your weight. (1:12) Detailansicht

  • Reading Comprehension: Haunted Halloween

    The beginning of a ghost story which the pupils are supposed to continue makes up the main part of the document. It also features comprehension questions and a vocabulary exercise. Detailansicht

  • Resources for Christmas stories and poems

    Do you need resources about Christmas, Santa Claus, Christmas Stories and Puzzles,like stories or poems? Have a look at this site. Detailansicht

  • Saint Patrick's Day

    History and facts around the St. Patrick's day provided by the British Council. Detailansicht

  • Saint Patrick's Day Activities

    Information about St. Patrick, crafts, coloring pages, recipies, poems and worksheets. Detailansicht

  • Saint Patrick's Day — Vocabulary, Exercises and Worksheets

    Lessons & games for adults & young learners. Detailansicht

  • Santa's Net

    Site starts with (trashy) midi-music. Search the categories "Favourites, Songs, Recipes, Traditions = Christmas Around the World, including Austria". Designed for children. Detailansicht


    This page is full of christmassy stuff, but the rubric "Tradtions" is especially useful in class context: It's about what Christmas is like in different countries all around the world.

  • Social Studies for Kids

    Wide range of topics — from archeology to sports, from culture to US-history etc. Detailansicht

  • some Christmas Carols and poems

    Christmas poems and carols with lyrics...

  • St. Patrick's Day — Coloring Pages and Worksheets

    Aimed at elementary school level for native speakers the workssheets (cloze, text with questions) can also be used for learners of English. Detailansicht

  • St. Patrick's Day — JenniferESL

    In this YouTube video Jennifer explains words and phrases in connection with St.Patrick's Day. Teaching possibilities are also given (see link). Detailansicht

  • St. Patrick's Day — Lesson Plan

    A listening exercise (mp3) with tape script and various tasks that can be done while or after listening. One of Sean Banville's marvellous lesson plans. Detailansicht