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  • Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards

    A small selection of cards to make and print out. Detailansicht

  • St. Valentine's Day Worksheets

    From lesson plans and activities to printables and clip art you can find everything you need to bring this holiday to life for your young students. Word Scrambles, ESL lesson plans and even fun and original arts and crafts ideas – it's all there for the taking. Detailansicht

  • Valentine's Day - a card for you

    Two worksheets with short fill-in and matching exercises, including some examples for Valentine phrases. Detailansicht

  • Valentine's Day Printables

    Ten PDF worksheets to print out, including wordsearch, crossword and other activities. Detailansicht

  • Valentine's Day – Teacher Resources

    Make February 14 a special day with activities and lesson plans that extend Valentine's Day into academic subject areas. We have plenty of printables, slideshows, worksheets, quizzes, and art projects that will make all your students feel included in this holiday of romantic and platonic love. Detailansicht

  • Wikipedia - Valentine's Day

    Information on the history of Valentine's Day, traditions and similar days honoring love around the world. Detailansicht