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  • A funny house!

    Have a look into the kitchen, the living room, the sitting room, the bedroom and the garden. Watch the animated clips and answer short questions. Detailansicht

  • Furnish your house - A Game

    board game by Sonja L├Âffler (pdf document in German language) Detailansicht

  • Homes - interactive games for kids

    WHAT - WHERE - WHEN - WHY???
    "Learn about homes and build your own with the Happy Gang in this fun interactive site. Play a matching game, listen to the story or print out snap cards and play with them." Detailansicht

  • Houses in England

    - What do they look like?
    - Who owns them?
    - Costs of houses?
    - Which types of houses do the English live in?

    Site of Woodlands Junior School in Kent. Detailansicht

  • Kitchen devices

    What do we call the things in the kitchen? With mouse-over you can hear what they are called. Detailansicht (Link 1)

  • Living in a house

    Downloadable WORD-file with pictures of furniture, gadgets etc. on "Living in a house" and "Activities". Detailansicht