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  • The Weather — Crossword Puzzle

    A crossword puzzle which focuses on weather-related vocabulary. Detailansicht

  • Weather Activities

    Learn how to report and predict the weather at the underground W.H.E.D. weather caves! Detailansicht

  • Weather and Climate

    Here you can find resources on Air masses, Recording Weather Data, Synoptic Charts and Weather, Climatic Zones for revision and for testing. Detailansicht

  • Weather — Online Vocabulary Practising

    A matching and a memory exercise.

    source: Detailansicht

  • Weather Station

    The answer to the question 'what happens, when a storm comes?' is given on this website. Detailansicht

  • Weather Wiz Kids

    'This website is especially designed for kids to allow them to learn more about the fascinating world of weather. It’s also a wonderful educational website for teachers and parents that gives them the right tools they need to explain the different types of weather to children.' Detailansicht

  • Weather — Worksheets

    Two very simple matching exercises (downloadable pdf documents). Detailansicht

  • What is Weather?

    A nice (BBC-) site for kids, doing a class on the weather. Detailansicht

  • Worksheets on 'weather'

    Two worksheet on the topic of 'weather'. Printable in both in black and white and in colour. Detailansicht