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  • The Tasmanian Devil

    The Tasmanian Devil is famous for its screeches which can be heard on this webpage. You can also watch a short video file and get basic information on this animal. Detailansicht

  • Trash & Waste

    What are we doing to the environment?

    — Everyday things and the environment.

  • Visit Britain

    A travel guide to Britain. Detailansicht

  • Visit Scotland

    Scottish Tourist Board — accomodation, activities and events in Scotland are available on this site. Detailansicht

  • Web Wombat — Australian Search Engine

    Web Wombat is the original Australian search engine. It gives you anything you might ask from a normal search service but the focus is, as expected, on Australian issues. It is definitely a good source for news and travel information. Detailansicht

  • Welcome to Victoria

    Victoria might be Australia's second smallest state but it is also packed with sights and attractions. One of them is Melbourne. Detailansicht

  • Welcome to Western Australia

    Western Australia is the largest Australian state. This is the official website. Under Events & Tourism you will find everything you need to know to plan a holiday there. Detailansicht

  • Wicklow

    The two links treat 'the garden of Ireland' — Wicklow. Whereas the first link focuses more on tourism within this region, the Wikipedia article, in contrast, highlights the mountain itself. Detailansicht