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  • About the Symbols

    'Symbols are the most powerful communication tools that have ever existed. Because they have the ability to convey so much meaning, the effect that they have is tremendous.'

    A visual database of Extremist symbols, logos and tatoos. Detailansicht

  • Armagh - The Mall

    Project members also visited Armagh and gathered some information on "The Mall", Archbishop Robinson and what prisons were like a few hundred years ago. Detailansicht

  • Britkid

    This is a website about race, racism and life - as seen through the eyes of the Britkids. Would you like to...hang out with a Britkid, or go into town?
    Go to "Britchester", "Serious Issues" or "Teachers' Stuff". Or go to "Eurokid", an anti-racist and inter-cultural website. Detailansicht

  • BuddhaNet

    Buddhist education and information network including articles, downloadable crossword puzzles, comic strips etc. Detailansicht

  • Child Labour

    Link collection. Detailansicht

  • Child Labour in America 1908 - 1912

    Children worked in factories, coalmines, as fruit pickers, seafood workers, in mills, etc. Original black and white photographs with original captions. Detailansicht

  • Community of Sant Edigio — No death penalty

    This site not only provides data and statistics related to the death penalty it also gives information on the campaign. Detailansicht

  • Data Wales

    Search for all sorts of data about Wales and the Welsh. Detailansicht

  • Death Penalty Information Center

    This website not only provides newspaper articles treating the death penalty but also videos, audio clips, podcasts e.g.. Detailansicht

  • Electric Scotland

    Educational site, run from the USA and Canada. Vast resources on Scotland and the Scots, including materials for children. Detailansicht

  • Fight Hate and promote Tolerance

    - Aims: Dismantling bigotry and creating communities that value diversity
    - Daily news about groups working for tolerance
    - guidebook for adults and youth acitivsts
    - practical resources for parents and teachers
    - entertaining and educational games for kids (!!) Detailansicht

  • Slave Trade

    Page down to the categories and find a rich resource on the topic of slavery. Detailansicht

  • Social Studies for Kids

    Wide range of topics — from archeology to sports, from culture to US-history etc. Detailansicht

  • St Paul's Cathedral

    Official website.
    A Cathedral dedicated to St Paul has overlooked the City of London since 604AD, a constant reminder to this great commercial centre of the importance of the spiritual side of life. Detailansicht

  • The Aboriginals of Australia — Web Unit

    This web unit does not intend to dwell too much on tourist clichs. Here the pupils have to do online research on aboriginal history, conflicts and reconciliation as well as on traditional culture in modern times. Detailansicht

  • Walden Three

    A Non-Profit, Educational Foundation
    Promoting Rational, Planned, Sustainable Cities/Societies Detailansicht

  • Welcome to Victoria

    Victoria might be Australia's second smallest state but it is also packed with sights and attractions. One of them is Melbourne. Detailansicht

  • Westminster Abbey

    The Westminster Abbey is a famous Gothic cathedral. All the English kings have been crowned and buried in this cathedral. Detailansicht