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  • All about cellphones

    Texts, tasks, pictures, and cartoons about cellphones. (downloadable!) Detailansicht

  • Cloning

    Descriptions and graphics illustrating the cloning technology (downloadable!) Detailansicht

  • Electronics

    Home elctronics from the TV-set to the fuse. Pictures with spelling and pronunciation. Detailansicht

  • Herald Scotland

    Scottish regional newspaper. Detailansicht

  • How Stuff Works — Electronics

    The ultimate homepage for easy-to-handle technical descriptions. Contains text, animations and graphics. Detailansicht

  • How to store Macromedia Flash Animations

    This is merely an experiment. I am willing to share some of my tricks to get usable e-teaching material from the web.
    Feedback will be very welcome! Detailansicht

  • Science — Opposites

    Matching exercise. Detailansicht

  • Scientific American — Magazine

    Science magazine which provides a wide range of articles on many topics. Good archive. Detailansicht

  • Scotsman

    Scottish regional newspaper. Detailansicht

  • Sydney Morning Herald

    The online edition of the Sydney Morning Herald comes up with international as well as local news of all categories. Detailansicht

  • Using the mobile phone in school

    This teaching package is intended to support learning and to stimulate debate on the use of mobiles in school. It complements the package entitled "Safe and responsible use of mobiles". The material is primarily aimed at teachers of 12- to 15-year-olds, but can be used for all age groups." Detailansicht

  • Web Wombat — Australian Search Engine

    Web Wombat is the original Australian search engine. It gives you anything you might ask from a normal search service but the focus is, as expected, on Australian issues. It is definitely a good source for news and travel information. Detailansicht