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  • CHILDNETacademy

    The Childnet Academy is a unique competition for young people who are developing internet projects or exciting online ideas to benefit other children. Run by children’s charity Childnet this International project has been run for the last 8 years and helped inspire young people all around the wo ... Detailansicht

  • EUN - European Schoolnet

    European Schoolnet participates actively in EU programmes like eLearning, Socrates, Information Society Technologies (IST), eContent and Safer Internet and is currently involved in more than 15 projects. Detailansicht


    Selection and Promotion auf Europe's Best in Multimedia Detailansicht


    After the great success of the Global Junior Challenge 2004 with 647 participating projects from 70 countries world-wide, the Global Junior Challenge Award is open for entries. The fourth edition of the Global Junior Challenge will be rich of surprises and news. Detailansicht


    Welcome to Spring Day in Europe 2006! Schools are invited to take part in Spring Day in Europe. Events and debates can take place on 21 March 2006, on 9 May 2006 and/or in between those dates. Register so you can learn, share, debate and speak out ! Detailansicht