At first sight "Parts of the Body" is a very basic word field usually on a beginner's level, but the more you want to talk about health and diseases, the more specialised vocabulary you need. For this reason this collection of learning objects covers almost all levels.

This collection of learning objects covers almost all levels, from A1 to B1, from kindergarden to idiomatic expressions using body vocabulary. These learning objects and links can be implemented into your learning platform, some can be printed for classroom use.

  • Parts of the body — Quiz

    Multiple choice quiz — 34 body parts with pictures. Detailansicht

  • Parts of the body — Teaching them

    Here is a fun way to practise the vocabulary after it has initially been taught to children. Detailansicht

  • Printout

    Images of bodies with numbers and words. Detailansicht

  • The Body — with Voice

    All parts of the body with voice. (Quicktime player) Detailansicht

  • Inside the body

    The skeleton and inner organs (Quicktime Player for sound). Detailansicht

  • Jake the Snake - Body Parts

    Jake the Snake wants to show body parts but has some problems with showing hands and feet and ... (YouTube Video, cartoon film, 54 seconds) Detailansicht

  • Scrambled words — body parts

    Puzzle. Java has to be installed. Detailansicht

  • Word Search for Body Parts

    You have to find 50 parts of the body. Detailansicht

  • Parts of the body — Crossword 2

    The clues are sentences describing what we do with these parts of the body. Attention: Java-Script has to be enabled. Detailansicht

  • 'Doctor Song' & 'Make a Face Song'

    Two songs to practise body-related vocabulary. Especially useful for the appropriate pronunciation. Detailansicht

  • Body Parts Vocabulary

    Video (2'48) with static photographs of parts of the body and voice repeating the words. Detailansicht

  • Health and Body Parts Vocabulary

    Powerpoint, showing parts of the body and dislaying phrases for diseases and pain, used in context. Detailansicht

  • My Body — Gap-Fill & Crossword

    Interactive gap-fill exercise on unit 7, You&Me1, plus an interactive crossword. Detailansicht

  • Parts of the Body — BBC

    You can practice the parts of the body with a diagram, a poem and listen to the words. Detailansicht

  • ESL Teaching Ideas for the Human Body

    This is the most comprehensive collection of health and body related materials, exercises and lesson plans for all levels of English. Detailansicht

  • The human body and anatomy

    The further you scroll down, the more specific the vocabulary becomes. Several exercises are also included (Hangman, Dictation and Spelling Test, Word Search and many more). Detailansicht


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