Presidential Election 2012 in the US

In the political field we are not the only ones that are spoilt for choice every few years. Right now the USA are in the process of (re)electing their president. This is a good occasion to familiarize learners with politics in the US, the election process, issues important to the citizans etc.

  • A long way to the White House - Planet Schule

    On this site you can find a documentary called "A long way to the White House" (or "Der lange Weg ins Weiße Haus") - you can choose whether you want to watch it in English or German. There are also multimedial quizzes available. Detailansicht

  • US Presidential Elections

    Wikipedia offers a wide free range of articles and links about how elections are administered, about results, voter turnout and external links. Detailansicht

  • US Elections

    A collection of links covering almost every aspect of the US elections. Detailansicht

  • I side with… Quiz

    You might not be a US-citizen but you can still find out which candidate you would side with in the coming presidential election by taking this online quiz. Detailansicht

  • links concerning the presidential election in 2012

    An extensive collection of links regarding the election process and the political system in the USA. Teaching material from various angles is also listed. Detailansicht

  • The US presidential elections – Klett worksheet

    A reading text followed by a crossword puzzle. Solutions are included. Detailansicht

  • elections in the US - wordlist

    Topically relevant words (like inaugural address or electoral system) in example sentences as well as important (historical) information about the electoral system, list of presidents and so on. Info is in German. Detailansicht


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