Geography, Sights and Attractions

That many people dream of visiting Australia is perfectly justified. It does not matter if you prefer endless remote landscapes to vibrant city life or the other way round. There seems to be something for everybody.

Walking around that famous rock formation known as Uluru/Ayers Rock, exploring marine life at the Great Barrier Reef or relaxing on sandy beaches and visiting Sydney’s picturesque harbour are only a few suggestions. You can even go hiking in the Australian Alps in case you are bored with the Austrian ones. Find out more about the geographical aspects of Australia and what to see there.

  • Australia — Lonely Planet

    On Lonely Planet you will find a map and a lot of information on travel destinations in Australia and find out at what time it is best to go there. Detailansicht

  • Sydney Online

    Sydney is also the most populous city in Australia. Nearly every one knows the harbour and the opera house. Sydney Online shows you other worthwhile attractions as well. Detailansicht

  • Perth — Web Unit

    Perth is the capital of Australia's largest state, Western Australia, and is home to almost 75 percent of the area's population. In this web-unit pupils get to know more about this city by doing some research tasks. Detailansicht

  • Australian Territories

    Do you know where on the map the Australian territories are? Detailansicht

  • Australia — Capital Cities

    Capital cities of states and territories. (Interactive exercise with map). Detailansicht

  • Kakadu National Park

    Kakadu National Park is located in the north of Australia. It is recogniced by the UNESCO for its cultural and natural values. Learn more about wildlife and the traditional owners of "Kakadu". This is the Official website. Detailansicht

  • Label Australia — States and Territories

    This work sheet is a blank map of Australia. The pupils have to label Australian territories, the Capital and some waters around the continent. Detailansicht

  • Outline Map of Australia

    Get another blank map of Australia here. This time it is just the outline of the continent. So how to use it in your lesson is entirely up to you. Labeling this worksheet is certainly more challenging than labeling the states and territories one. Detailansicht

  • Welcome to Western Australia

    Western Australia is the largest Australian state. This is the official website. Under Events & Tourism you will find everything you need to know to plan a holiday there. Detailansicht

  • Welcome to Victoria

    Victoria might be Australia's second smallest state but it is also packed with sights and attractions. One of them is Melbourne. Detailansicht

  • Northern Territory Visitor's Guide

    Things one can do in the Northern Territory include visiting the Kakadu National Park and Uluru, better known as Ayers Rock. Detailansicht

  • New South Wales

    New South Wales is the Australian state with the most inhabitants. The capital is Sydney which is also the largest and oldest city of Australia. Detailansicht

  • ReefHQ Aquarium

    The largest living coral reef aquarium, located in Townsville, Queensland, allows you to see the Great Barrier Reef up close. Take the virtual tour and have a look at all the marine wildlife. Detailansicht


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