Austrian German as a second language

“Grias di! Wos geht?” Most people learning German as a foreign language probably won’t know how to respond to this question. “AGSL – Austrian German as a second language” helps them to understand some popular Upper Austrian words and phrases.

AGSL is a project carried out by the vocational school in Rohrbach. In groups of 2 or 3, students  recorded short entertaining podcasts explaining Upper-Austrian expressions such as “Jawoi”, “Sau drawi” or “I drah durch” in English. The podcasts followed a basic structure set by the teacher (and project manager) Werner Prüher.  For example, they had to include a listen-and-repeat exercise.

The students’ hard work paid off: In 2011, AGSL was awarded the media literacy award; this year the project placed third in the European Podcast Award and in the Lörnie awards. Up to now, about 40 words and phrases have been put into podcasts. They can be accessed or downloaded for free.