English for the Olympics

Are your pupils ready for the Olympic Games 2012? Ready or not, the British Council website has a lot to offer in any case.

Pupils can practise their English and learn about the Olympics and Paraolympics. Find out more about the history of the games with reading exercises and follow up tasks. (Videos are still to come). Do you know how to play wheelchair tennis or football 5-a-side? Worksheets explain the games and the vocabulary.
What is the impact of the Olympics and Paraolympics on London and the UK? A whole section with various exercises is dedicated to this topic. The fun section includes a few online games where the players can learn important facts, words and phrases.
There is also still a chance of winning a trip to London by entering a competition.
So get into the spirit of the Olympics and Paraolympics 2012 and have a look at the website.

English for the Games