How to find good iPad Apps

Can you use iPads in the classroom? If yes you need great apps. “iPad English” sets you off in the right direction.

If you have the opportunity iPads can truly enrich English language teaching. A huge number of learning applications are already online and the number is growing - the choice is yours. The questions are: How can you tell which are the good ones and where can you find them?

Jeffrey Hill separates the wheat from the chaff on his blog “iPad English”. Apart from iPad-related technical advice and tips for the classroom he also introduces various English language learning apps. Many of them are accompanied by a You Tube Clip and lesson ideas. While most of the apps are word games others can be useful tools. Quite a few are aimed at kids but can also be used by older learners.
So if you intend to use iPads in your English lessons this blog might be very helpful.

iPad English