• Homes - interactive games for kids

    WHAT - WHERE - WHEN - WHY???
    "Learn about homes and build your own with the Happy Gang in this fun interactive site. Play a matching game, listen to the story or print out snap cards and play with them." Detailansicht


  • Houses in England

    - What do they look like?
    - Who owns them?
    - Costs of houses?
    - Which types of houses do the English live in?

    Site of Woodlands Junior School in Kent. Detailansicht


  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    This children book by Dr.Seuss is still worth reading and watching the wonderful drawings of the people in Who-ville. Meanwhile there are also Youtube films available (see links below). Definitely worth watching!


  • Ideas on how you can use food for teaching

    A collection of links to ideas and recipes (ESL Cafe's Idea Cookbook) Detailansicht


  • Identifying and talking about colours

    Matching exercise and mini-dialogue for primary school by Karin Schorm. (printable pdf-file) Detailansicht


  • Inside the body

    The skeleton and inner organs (Quicktime Player for sound). Detailansicht


  • Ireland Fun Facts

    Whether you’re planning to visit Ireland soon or you just want to stay in touch as an "armchair traveler", you’ll get a steady stream of tips about ways to enjoy Ireland’s culture. Detailansicht


  • It´s Christmas Time!

    Create your own Christmas card, decorate a Christmas tree or find out how other people around the world celebrate Christmas. Don't miss the Christmas jokes and riddles! Detailansicht


  • Jake the Snake - Body Parts

    Jake the Snake wants to show body parts but has some problems with showing hands and feet and ... (YouTube Video, cartoon film, 54 seconds) Detailansicht

  • Jingle Bells Quiz

    Flash quiz about the lyrics of the song Jingle Bells: a gap filling exercise with multiple choice answers (sts. can find out the correct answers whithout knowing the lyrics by heart); distracters are well chosen (not too easy); trains grammatical items (tenses, word formation, prepositions, etc.) Detailansicht


  • Kitchen devices

    What do we call the things in the kitchen? With mouse-over you can hear what they are called. Detailansicht

    languageguide.org (Link 1)

  • Lehrer Online — Wild Animals

    A lesson sequence (4 units) about “animals”, Computer skills are necessary. Detailansicht


  • Lernplattform-Lernpaket "Holidays"

    The "Lernpaket" designed by Mag. Ingrid Kohlbacher is available as a Moodle Lernpaket now.
    Just import it and it will be saved as "Thema 1", so there should be nothing saved as "Thema 1" (probably just move everything if there is some content)


  • Lesson plan "Me and my family"

    Listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises - all around the topic "me and my family"

    Even if you don't have the "Early Bird"-materials there are still a few nice teaching suggestions.

    Language of the material: German
    Tested and developed by Ursula Schäfer Detailansicht


  • Lesson Plans and Activities for Christmas

    Here you find nice lesson plans and activities around Christmas for your classroom, such as reading comprehensions, speaking tasks, vocabulary and grammar worksheets, crossword puzzles, gap-filling exercises, facts and stories around Christmas.


  • Liverpool FC

    All the latest action from the Reds at Anfield. Detailansicht


  • Living in a house

    Downloadable WORD-file with pictures of furniture, gadgets etc. on "Living in a house" and "Activities". Detailansicht


  • London — Quizzes

    A number of interactive quizzes on London. Detailansicht

  • London Sights — Exercises

    Interactive drag & drop and matching exercises. Detailansicht

  • Manchester United

    What's new at Old Trafford? Check out Beckham and co. here

    Homepage of the famous soccer club. Detailansicht


  • Martin Luther King Day

    This federal holiday honoring the civil rights leader is observed on the third Monday in January. This website features a collection of facts on King's life and the civil rights movement. Detailansicht


  • Material around Christmas for Language Assistants

    What does Christmas mean for people in the UK? Wordgames, New Year's resolutions and many more teaching ideas are to be found on this site. Detailansicht


  • McSpotlight

    McSpotlight is the biggest Anti-McDonald's site on the web. In the 21,000 files you will find a lot about your Big Macs and the legal actions McDonald's undertook to silence its critics. There is a site-map for orientation, a guided tour of the McDonald's website and much more. Detailansicht


  • Months of the Year

    Flash animated exercise. The students learn the months of the year by linking them to their definitions. Detailansicht


  • Months of the Year

    Blackboard cards depicting the names of the months. (PDF document) Detailansicht