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  • "Bingo" game with coloured balls

    A game where students can play the popular game "Bingo" with coloured balls. Matching exercise for primary school. (printable pdf-file) Detailansicht

  • Colours of Things

    "St├Âpselkarte": is the colour marked right or wrong?
    author unknown. printable pdf-document Detailansicht

  • Flying Colours

    An incredible site with colours and their respective names in English! Or do you know what "mediumspringgreen", "mediumturquoise", "mediumvioletred" and "midnightblue" etc. look like? Have a look! Detailansicht

  • Identifying and talking about colours

    Matching exercise and mini-dialogue for primary school by Karin Schorm. (printable pdf-file) Detailansicht