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  • Bingo Vegetables

    Match the pictures with the words and play Bingo Detailansicht

  • Bonfire Night Food

    Cooking Baked Potatoes on a Bonfire - how to do it

  • Conversation Questions about Food & Eating

    All sorts of questions on this topic and many more than you could possibly think of. Detailansicht

  • Drinks

    Match the pictures with the words (pdf document)

  • Eating Right for a Healthier Life

    A well-designed web-quest with tasks, activities, etc. Detailansicht

  • Food

    exercise sheet made by Karin Schorm (pdf document) Detailansicht

  • Food & Drinks in Pictures 1

    Interactive exercises for kids for the following words: cake, cheese, pizza, toast, vegetables, fruit, ice cream, orange juice, wine. Detailansicht

  • Food & Drinks in Pictures 2

    Interactive exercises for kids for the following words: milk, salad, strawberry, pear, orange, egg etc. Detailansicht

  • Food - a mindmap

    An overview of different kinds of food. (drinks, vegetables, main courses and desserts)

    HTML-file Detailansicht

  • Food - a wordlist

    An English and German wordlist of all kinds of food. Detailansicht

  • Food Bingo

    A HotPotato Crossword exercise called "food bingo" Detailansicht

  • Food Picture Dictionary: Fruit

    "What are these? ... Do you like ...?" [2:51]

    A short clip where different kinds of fruit are shown and named. Detailansicht

  • Food pyramid

    This worksheet can be used to show pupils a food pyramid. Detailansicht

  • Fruit memory

    Memory - Finding pairs with fruit pictures (pdf document) Detailansicht

  • Ideas on how you can use food for teaching

    A collection of links to ideas and recipes (ESL Cafe's Idea Cookbook) Detailansicht

  • McSpotlight

    McSpotlight is the biggest Anti-McDonald's site on the web. In the 21,000 files you will find a lot about your Big Macs and the legal actions McDonald's undertook to silence its critics. There is a site-map for orientation, a guided tour of the McDonald's website and much more. Detailansicht

  • Restaurant behaviour

    A HotPotato exercise where students can learn how they should behave in a restaurant.

    It is a short text split into parts and those should be put into the correct order to get the five general rules of behavior. Detailansicht

  • Sugar - The Sugar Trap

    An article about how the world stays hooked on sugar. Detailansicht

  • Teacher's Information

    Teacher's information about an e-learning project on food and drink on the B2-level with a special focus on healthy diet, eating at school and eating out. Detailansicht

  • Vegetables

    A drag & drop exercise where pictures and vocabulary should be matched. Detailansicht

  • Vegetable Word Search

    Worksheet. Word List: broccoli, potato, carrot, peas, cauliflower, lettuce, onion, cucumber, cabbage, garlic, radish, tomato. Detailansicht