• African-American Mosaic

    A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture. Detailansicht


  • A Glossary of Literary Terms

    Literary terms, definitions and examples in which literary pieces you can find those expressions. Detailansicht


  • Agriculture -- Lesson Plans

    A collection of links to lesson plans and resources related to agriculture and horticulture. Detailansicht


  • All about cellphones

    Texts, tasks, pictures, and cartoons about cellphones. (downloadable!) Detailansicht


  • A long way to the White House - Planet Schule

    On this site you can find a documentary called "A long way to the White House" (or "Der lange Weg ins Weiße Haus") - you can choose whether you want to watch it in English or German. There are also multimedial quizzes available. Detailansicht


  • American Dream

    Lesson Plan provided by the Library of Congress. Detailansicht


  • American Literary Classics Library

    American Literature, e.g.: Moby Dick, Heart of Darkness, Huck Finn, Red Badge of Courage, and many many more... Detailansicht


  • American Women Writers (1650-1920)

    The Cairns Collection is rich and resonant enough to support research in a variety of disciplines and fields of study: American studies, women's studies, social and cultural history, material culture, education, children's literature, etc. Detailansicht


  • Amish beliefs, culture & lifestyle

    Many people have heard about the 'Amish', but very few know 'hard facts' about the history, life and culture of this religious group. Have a look at the many links to 'Amish-related' websites. Detailansicht


  • A Nation Divided

    The U.S. Cvil War 1861 - 1865 Detailansicht


  • Ancient India

    The Buddha, Early Hinduism, Geography, Time, Indus Valley, Writing. Informative site with explanations. Detailansicht


  • Animal Symbols

    Hemingway's Use of Animals as Psychological Symbols by Jerianne Wright Detailansicht


  • An Outline Geography of Ireland

    This page covers a range of geographical topics (from Ireland's physical landscape to tourism). Detailansicht


  • Apartheid

    A summary of the history of apartheid in South Africa. (The links to climate and map on this site seem not to work) Detailansicht


  • A Personal Record of a Hiroshima A-bomb Survival

    This website does not only provide the report of a A-bomb survival but also it adds the readers' reactions. It is especially interesting in the aftermath of the Fukushima tragedy. Detailansicht


  • Armagh - The Mall

    Project members also visited Armagh and gathered some information on "The Mall", Archbishop Robinson and what prisons were like a few hundred years ago. Detailansicht

  • Articles on Northern Ireland and more

    A collection of some articles about the Northern Ireland conflict from around 1922 until 2000. We get to know more about important historical incidents and various aspects. Detailansicht


  • Arts & Letters Daily

    Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate! An updated report of news and reviews. Detailansicht


  • A Trip to London — Lernplattform-Course

    A Lernplattform-Course that will help to prepare a school class for a class trip to London. The course includes teaching materials, online exercises, pictures, web-quest adresses, links to London sights, word- and pdf-documents and more. Detailansicht


  • Australia — Capital Cities

    Capital cities of states and territories. (Interactive exercise with map). Detailansicht


  • Australia — Documenting a Democracy

    The National Archives of Australia provide “birth certificates” of the nation on this website. Click on a certain region on the map and have a look at original documents that shaped history and had a significant influence on the development of the government and how it is set up today. Detailansicht


  • Australia for Kids

    This site was created by a teacher in Sleepy Hollow (NY) for the kids to learn about Australia. Picture puzzles also for younger kids. Detailansicht


  • Australia — Link Collection

    A link collection that refers to the topic field "Australia". Detailansicht


  • Australia — Lonely Planet

    On Lonely Planet you will find a map and a lot of information on travel destinations in Australia and find out at what time it is best to go there. Detailansicht


  • Australian Animal Printouts

    A collection of worksheets on famous and not so famous animals of Australia. The animals are described and can be coloured. (Scroll down to the worksheets.) Detailansicht