• Cork

    'Cork is the second city of the Republic of Ireland, which means it is (or was) the second most important city after the capital Dublin. It is situated in the southern province of Munster and is a major Irish seaport.' Detailansicht

  • Country Profile: Australia

    BBC News provides some basic facts and figures as well as information on Australia’s prime minister in this comparatively short online article. Detailansicht


  • Country Profile India 1990

    All you have to know about India. Detailansicht


  • Country Profile India 2001

    An updated version of the "all you have to know about India" entry. Detailansicht


  • Cowboys & Indians

    Cowboys & Indians is an American magazine that focuses on the Western lifestyle; photo essays. Detailansicht


  • Crossword Puzzle New York

    Word file. Detailansicht


  • Crown and Parliament

    "Technically, neither the House of Commons nor the House of Lords has power to pass legislation without the approval of the monarch."
    More in this BBC article. Detailansicht


  • Cyberbullying Research Centre

    Have a look at the fact sheets about cyberbullying and suicide, sexting and personal publishing. (pdf material for download).
    Have a look at 'resources' with podcasts and special resources for schools.

    Use the videos to find answers about cyberbullying. Detailansicht


  • Dahl, Roald

    The official Roald Dahl website. Hope the kids love this "very animated" site which might get annoying after some time. Detailansicht


  • Daily and Sunday Express

    Link to the official website. Detailansicht


  • Daily Mirror

    MIRROR.CO.UK is the online edition of The Daily Mirror, Britain's brightest tabloid newspaper.


  • Daily Record

    Scottish regional newspaper. Detailansicht


  • Data Wales

    Search for all sorts of data about Wales and the Welsh. Detailansicht


  • Days out in England

    If you plan a field trip to England, you might want to spend a day at some of the following locations! There are many links to famous sights. Detailansicht


  • Death Penalty Information Center

    This website not only provides newspaper articles treating the death penalty but also videos, audio clips, podcasts e.g.. Detailansicht


  • De la Rey Song - Behind the scenes 1

    Interviews, statements and reactions to the song. Detailansicht


  • De la Rey Song - Behind the scenes 2

    More interviews, statements and reactions to the song and what it means to live in South Africa as a white man. Detailansicht


  • De la Rey - Song in Afrikaans with English subtitles

    This song has caused harsh controversies in South Africa. For White Afrikaners it seems to be a new national anthem, others consider it a revanchist provocative song of reactionaries. Detailansicht


  • Department of Health

    Official UK website containing statistics, surveys and other data as well as information on health matters. Detailansicht


  • Didgeridoo

    Playing a didgeridoo is not an easy task as anyone who tried it will tell you. Apart from general information on this traditional Aboriginal instrument, this article gives you some useful practical hints that might improve your "didgeridoo ability". Detailansicht


  • Did you see it? — Bullying

    Social alienation as a form of bullying. (1:59 video) Detailansicht


  • Discover Northern Ireland

    The official website of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. Detailansicht


  • Divining America: Religion and the National Culture

    Essays on various aspects of the issue of religion in America. Detailansicht


  • Documenting the American South

    Primary resources for the study of southern history, literature and culture. Detailansicht


  • Don't Get Bullied!

    Did you log out? Video (0:33) Detailansicht