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  • "ash.action on smoking and health"

    This UK-site offers contrasting views on smoking. "ASH is leading the fight to control the tobacco epidemic and to confront the lies and dirty tricks of the tobacco industry." Detailansicht

  • Canada's growing marijuana problem

    A BBC article on marijuana production in British Columbia. Mind the linklist in the column to the right. Detailansicht


    Link to FORCES INTERNATIONAL (Forces, Inc.) which is an educational corporation supporting consumers' rights and fighting against "junk science" and misinformation of tobacco etc. Detailansicht

  • Go Ask Alice - Alcohol & Other Drugs

    The novel "Go Ask Alice" is written in form of a diary. This is the concept of this site by the Health Service at Columbia University, but this time it's: "Dear Alice, ... I have a question." Detailansicht

  • Smoking ÔÇö Words and Phrases

    A 3-page pdf-wordlist on hazards of smoking and problems and benefits of quitting. Detailansicht