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  • 'The Sound of Music' — 'What are Nazis?'

    'A Letter to my children: Historical Memory and the Silences of Childhood' by Timothy J.Stanley. Detailansicht

  • 'The Sound of Music' (1965)

    Downloads like Video-Clips, Wallpaper-Images, Pictures. Detailansicht

  • "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place", E. Hemingway

    A short story by Ernest Hemingway (original text, 4 pages) Detailansicht

  • "Cat in the Rain"

    Full text of the short-story and comprehension questions. Detailansicht

  • "The Snows of Kilimanjaro": A Written Work

    A short but essential essay. Detailansicht

  • "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" - Themes & Topics

    Study topics and themes. Worksheet on "The Snows of Kilimanjaro". Detailansicht

  • "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" - Wordlist

    An alpahbetical list of words with explanations from the short-story "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" compiled by a student (WORD file) Detailansicht

  • "The Sun Also Rises"

    Storyguide with essays, summaries, analysis, and self-testing etc. Detailansicht

  • 10 Downing Street

    With info on Prime Minister(s), government, 10 Downing Street, newsroom, press briefings, etc. Detailansicht

  • Aboriginal Artefacts

    Aboriginal artefacts (bark etchings from British Museums) seized in Australia. Who do these artefacts belong to? See also linklist to similar topics. Detailansicht

  • Aboriginal Languages of Australia

    Here you will find a collection of various information resources regarding Aboriginal languages throughout Australia and some interesting articles on the people who still speak them. Detailansicht

  • Aboriginal Studies

    The Internet Guide to Aboriginal Studies offers plenty of links about various topic fields concerning indigenous people in Australia. Detailansicht

  • A Celebration of Women Writers

    "The goal of A Celebration of Women Writers is to comprehensively list online editions of works by women writers, and resources about women writers, which are freely readable online." Detailansicht

  • African-American Mosaic

    A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture. Detailansicht

  • A Glossary of Literary Terms

    Literary terms, definitions and examples in which literary pieces you can find those expressions. Detailansicht

  • American Literary Classics Library

    American Literature, e.g.: Moby Dick, Heart of Darkness, Huck Finn, Red Badge of Courage, and many many more... Detailansicht

  • American Women Writers (1650-1920)

    The Cairns Collection is rich and resonant enough to support research in a variety of disciplines and fields of study: American studies, women's studies, social and cultural history, material culture, education, children's literature, etc. Detailansicht

  • Animal Symbols

    Hemingway's Use of Animals as Psychological Symbols by Jerianne Wright Detailansicht

  • Arts & Letters Daily

    Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate! An updated report of news and reviews. Detailansicht

  • Australia — Link Collection

    A link collection that refers to the topic field "Australia". Detailansicht

  • Australia — Lonely Planet

    On Lonely Planet you will find a map and a lot of information on travel destinations in Australia and find out at what time it is best to go there. Detailansicht

  • Australian Folk Songs

    In this selection of tradtional Australian sounds you will find the lyrics, the notes as well as the melodies to listen to. Detailansicht

  • Australian Government

    The official website of the Australian government introduces parliament and the political system. Many links providing information about all kinds of social issues as well as living in Australia follow. Detailansicht

  • Australian Slang

    Learn “Australian” with this comprehensive resource for slang terms from “ace” to “zack”. Detailansicht

  • Austria and 'The Sound of Music' (BBC article)

    BBC article (plus links) about the Austrians, who seem to be the only ones who don't know the 'Sound of Music'. Detailansicht