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  • An Outline Geography of Ireland

    This page covers a range of geographical topics (from Ireland's physical landscape to tourism). Detailansicht

  • Australia — Lonely Planet

    On Lonely Planet you will find a map and a lot of information on travel destinations in Australia and find out at what time it is best to go there. Detailansicht

  • Australian Koala Foundation

    On this webpage you can get all the important facts on one of Australia's living icons. Detailansicht

  • Australia — Weather

    The recent weather in Australia. Detailansicht

  • Australien — Travel Guide

    Site in German! But a very good one!
    Information on tours and sights, pictures, and a collection of links are provided. Detailansicht

  • British Embassy Berlin

    The embassy, news and events, consulates, info about Britain. Detailansicht

    British embassy

  • Climate Justice – Facts & Figures

    "Last year [2002] was the second warmest since 1860 – the hottest was 1998. Fossil-fuel use is mainly to blame – with the rich world doing most of the damage." Detailansicht

  • Connemara

    Connemara is a district in the west of Ireland. It is known for its unspoilt environment and it offers a wonderland of sights and adventure. Well worth a vistit are, for example, the Connemara National Park and Kylemore Abbey & Victorian Gardens. Detailansicht

  • Ecotourism Game

    An interactive game simulating tourism in an unspoilt area.

    "In this game, you can try your hand at developing an ecotourism project in the Amazon. Can you make ecotourism sustainable? Good luck!" Detailansicht

  • Flora and Fauna of Australia

    Due to the continent's long geographic isolation it bears an enormous variety of unique creatures. Get to know all the mammals, marsupials, birds, reptiles and others. Detailansicht

  • Government Services and Information

    "The best place to find government services and information." Detailansicht

  • Greater London Authority

    This is [...] "the official website for the Mayor of London and the London Assembly [...] a new and unique form of citywide government for London."

  • Heart of Scotland

    This homepage provides you with some entertaining information and articles on topics ranging from the lives of Wallace and Bruce to crafting Celtic knotwork or raising a West Highland White Terrier.

  • Kakadu National Park

    Kakadu National Park is located in the north of Australia. It is recogniced by the UNESCO for its cultural and natural values. Learn more about wildlife and the traditional owners of "Kakadu". This is the Official website. Detailansicht

  • Landscapes

    With mouse-over you hear how the words are pronounced and how they are written. Detailansicht

  • Northern Territory Visitor's Guide

    Things one can do in the Northern Territory include visiting the Kakadu National Park and Uluru, better known as Ayers Rock. Detailansicht

  • Photos from Australia

    This website is a good resource for pictures that have to do with the land down under. Here you will find photo collections covering e.g. famous locations and sights, beaches and landscapes as well as Aborigines. The Australian animals section is highly recommended. Detailansicht

  • Plants

    With mouse-over you hear how the words are pronounced and how they are written. Detailansicht

  • ReefHQ Aquarium

    The largest living coral reef aquarium, located in Townsville, Queensland, allows you to see the Great Barrier Reef up close. Take the virtual tour and have a look at all the marine wildlife. Detailansicht

  • Run with the Wind

    Article on wind-power in Germany.

    "Clean green energy could halt global warming and meet the world’s power needs several times over. So why aren’t we all making the switch? Janet L Sawin looks at a country that’s taken an unexpected lead." Detailansicht

  • Scotsman

    Scottish regional newspaper. Detailansicht

  • Sydney Online

    Sydney is also the most populous city in Australia. Nearly every one knows the harbour and the opera house. Sydney Online shows you other worthwhile attractions as well. Detailansicht

  • The Cliffs of Moher

    Links to the official homepage of the Cliffs of Moher and the article about it on Wikipedia. Detailansicht

  • The Platypus — A very special Australian

    The platypus is without doubt one of the most unusual animals in the world. If you want to know more about the life of this extraordinary creature take a look at this website. Detailansicht

  • The Sea

    With mouse-over you hear how words are pronounced and how they are written. Detailansicht