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  • Family

    Printmaterialien zum Vokabular: grandfather, parents, sister, nephew, wife, uncle, ... Detailansicht

  • Family and friends - a pool of resources

    Language games, short stories, practise words for the family, find out about famous families, and read and listen to a story about a dad. Why not write a story about somebody in your family? Or practise describing people, and play a fun game. Detailansicht

  • Family Worksheets

    A few family worksheets that can be used for younger learners. Flashcards are available as well. Detailansicht

  • Lesson plan "Me and my family"

    Listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises - all around the topic "me and my family"

    Even if you don't have the "Early Bird"-materials there are still a few nice teaching suggestions.

    Language of the material: German
    Tested and developed by Ursula Schäfer Detailansicht

  • Me and my family

    Der Bildungsserver Hessen bietet auf der Lernplattform "Mauswiesel" für Schülerinnen und Schüler der Grund- und Förderschulen Angebote mit großem Anteil zum selbständigen Lernen die im und mit dem Internet zur Verfügung stehen an. Detailansicht

  • My Family

    Arbeitsblatt: Erklärungen der Familienmitglieder von Karin Schorm. pdf-Dokument. Detailansicht